Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend Is Not Over Yet!

Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend Is Not Over Yet!

Is it too cold to spend the weekend on ‘The Beach?’ The ‘Smile’ on our face is still there since Wolf Alice, our beloved quartet from London, UK, bring back the happiness with their Blue Weekend (Tour Deluxe) edition. All the new songs plus extra acoustic ones and a bonus cover? Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend is one of our records of the year and here’s the proof!

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Rock’roll isn’t dead! ‘Smile’ is one of the loudest moments of Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend third record. The mix of modern indie and new alt-pop vision from Ellie Rowsell and the gang keep us so entertained. The spoken word rhymes inspired a bit by Billie Eilish are so addictive! Say cheese and ‘Smile’ for the beautiful melodic picture!

‘The Last Man On Earth’

The band teased us earlier this year with an essential piece on the album! ‘The Last Man On Earth’ is that glam-pop ballad we all need right now. Is David Bowie resurrected through Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend? Listen and you’ll know the answer.

‘Lipstick On The Glass’

The London four-piece versatility stuns everywhere they go. When Ellie Rowsell sings in her beautiful falsetto, we only imagine a world where everything is perfect and sweet. Will she be the next white witch of the rock’n’roll scene? She’s a serious contender to be the next Stevie Nicks, there is no doubt with her voice playing like a soft flute in our ears on Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend!

‘No Hard Feelings’

Life can be short, but life can be sweet/No hard feelings, honey,” the band croons in dreadful harmonies on the opening of ‘No Hard Feelings.’ How do you escape from reality? With this psychedelic ballad, we are thrown into a whole new dimension and we just learn to be stronger!


Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend may be a shoegaze-alt-pop record, but what happens when the band embarks in a special recording session? Ellie Rowsell unleashes her inner Sheryl Crow on that folk country pop piece, ‘Bobby.’ Originally by Alex G, the track is exclusively available on the Blue Weekend (Tour Deluxe) edition. We are so addicted to the sweet guitar and cymbals vibes. It’s different from what the band does usually and it’s so good!

Is your fav track the same as ours? How do you enjoy your ‘Blue Weekend?’ Stream here and tell us what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend is only a small part of the amazing new releases lately, so get your hands on some of our rising artists and bands’ recommendations here!


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