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YOASOBI Is Covering Every Color of the Rainbow with ‘Blue’

YOASOBI Is Covering Every Color of the Rainbow with ‘Blue’

Hey, music lovers, we’ve gotten another YOASOBI track recently, and well we are feeling anything but ‘Blue.’

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‘Blue’ is YOASOBI’s latest release for their upcoming first English album, E-Side, set for a November 12th release. But before we get ahead of ourselves, how about we settle down and talk about why ‘Blue’ is such a great track?

Image Source: Sony Music Japan

As you may all know we are major fans of YOASOBI, but this does not cloud our judgment, but you should trust us when we say that ‘Blue’ is an amazing song. It’s such an inspirational song, and honestly a song we think a lot of people need to hear. It’s about having bad and frustrating days, and just being stuck in all your thoughts, when suddenly you get that strength to break free from those thoughts. Our favorite part of the track is when the extra voices come in as they are singing to us “Let us hear the voice in you, and resonate in you…” It’s such an inspiring and hopeful song, we can’t get enough of it. Plus, the MV as usual is really cool, and if you want a visual representation of what you’re imagining in your head while listening to ‘Blue,’ the mv is the perfect way to go.

The track is inspired by the new anime, Blue Period, which you can currently stream over on Netflix, where you can also get the gist of what’s in store for y’all. But if you have seen it, then you know how ‘Blue’ is the perfect representation of what Blue Period stands for. Now, this isn’t their first anime-related song, as they also did the opening and ending track for the popular anime, BESTARS. Both tracks further proving that in the production and lyric department, YOASOBI knows what they are doing. You can stream ‘Blue,’ here.

Now to prepare us all for E-Side, check out these YOASOBI tracks, which will be featured on E-side, along with other tracks by the duo, and see which color of the rainbow they each represent.

Gif Source: Tenor

Red (‘Monster’)

Orange (‘Into The Night’)

Yellow (‘ハルカ’)

Green (‘RGB’)

Indigo (‘ツバメ (feat. ミドリーズ)’)

Violet (‘Romance’)

There’s so much that the duo has been up to, they were recently featured on Artist Spotlight Stories on YouTube, and if you want to get to know YOASOBI more, we highly recommend watching. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for E-Side, we know we’ll be keeping our eyes open.

Did you love ‘Blue’ as much we did? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Sony Music Japan

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