5 Reasons Why Johnny Orlando’s ‘You’re Just Drunk’ Is Highly Intoxicating

Johnny Orlando You're Just Drunk

Hold your snifters, pals! Our Canadian pop prince Johnny Orlando has kickstarted a new era with the latest single, ‘You’re Just Drunk,’ and fans everywhere (us included) are head over heels in love. Judging by the number of times THP HQ has hit repeat, we can say it is undoubtedly one of Orlando’s bests. From a splendid music video to resounding lyrics to Johnny’s out-of-this-world vocals, there are a thousand reasons why we’re addicted to ‘You’re Just Drunk,’ but here’s five, to name a few!

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Johnny “The Vocal Charmer” Orlando

The number one reason why we cannot get ‘You’re Just Drunk’ out of our heads is, well, Johnny himself, duh! For realsies though, when did we get so blessed to hear such magical adlibs and Johnny’s velvety exquisite vocals? With perfectly timed harmonies, airy echoes, and hypnotic beats, ‘You’re Just Drunk’ pulls you in a trance, webbing a compulsive hook, much like an intoxicating headspace. Our boy has “got us going 80 in a 55” with this one, and we are hardly complaining! Listen to it here!

The Trippy Music Video

Our jaws? On the floor. The ‘You’re Just Drunk’ music video is insanely good, visualizing the abstract concept perfectly. Directed by Iris Kim, the visual combines an array of hazy, muted colors and quick cuts to emulate the feeling of being at a party that you want to escape. The choreography is slick, and the cherry on the cake is Johnny’s little dance (yes, you read that right) at the end. We are still taking it in, trying not to have a breakdown but failing miserably. Watch it for yourself:

Top-Tier Songwriting

From “Ten missed calls, not my fault,” to “Treat it like a high school crush,”  to “Saying you’re saying you’re mine, Then changing your mind,” we now have ‘You’re Just Drunk’ lyrics memorized by heart. Johnny Orlando has always been a raw and honest songwriter, and he has proved it again with this song. The lyrics wind up a delicate love story that is dwindling in thin air – a notion a lot of us can relate to. No wonder we are addicted to the song!


Johnny Orlando brought in a Halloween treat with ‘You’re Just Drunk,’ and passionate fans hopped on board at once! Inviting his followers to use ‘YJD’ in their Halloween clips and post them on TikTok and Twitter using the hashtag #YJDhalloween, Johnny kickstarted Johnween with a clip of his own. Soon after, it was an addictive party with fans from all over the globe posting their #YJDhalloween clips. If you’re finding ways to get over this tune, you’ll have a tough time trying.

“A taste of what is to come in the next year … “

Last but not the least, ‘You’re Just Drunk’ is a sneak peek into a whole lot of surprises from Johnny Orlando that we can’t stop thinking about.

I have been waiting to release ‘You’re Just Drunk’ from the moment I wrote it in January of this year. This was one of the first songs I wrote with an upcoming project in mind, and it was a pivotal moment in my artistic journey. I have been searching for my unique sound for a very long time, and I think this song made everything finally click for me. It inspired new confidence that I didn’t feel through any of my previous releases, so I couldn’t be more excited that it is finally out in the world for everyone to enjoy. This is just a taste of what is to come in the next year … so get ready!

Johnny Orlando on ‘You’re Just Drunk’

We can’t wait to hear it, that’s for sure. We are so glad Johnny found his sound with ‘You’re Just Drunk.’ And if this is how his future projects will sound, we’re in for a ride, baby!

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What is your ultimate reason for being obsessed with Johnny Orlando’s ‘You’re Just Drunk?’ Is it one of those we mentioned above? Tell us by commenting below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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