5 Things We’d Love To See In Disora’s Second Collection

5 Things We’d Love To See In Disora’s Second Collection

We at THP have been obsessed with Perrie Edwards’ fashion sense ever since she debuted with Little Mix in 2011, but her new clothing line, Disora, was even better than we imagined! Filled with streamlined silhouettes and neutral colors that make the pieces easy to pair, it’s no surprise that the collection sold out within days. Perrie shared her excitement on Instagram:

Didn’t think it was possible to be anymore excited than I already am! Years in the making and my brand Disora is finally launching!

Perrie Edwards

While we’re still daydreaming about owning some of those pieces one day, we can’t help but get as excited as Perrie for what’s next. Each style in the first collection feels like something she’d wear, so naturally, it’s gotten us thinking about the possibilities for the second drop. Here are some Perrie-approved trends that we’d love to see joining the Disora catalog!

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A Neutral Blazer

We haven’t stopped thinking about this chic post from July, and we’d flip out if Perrie put a similar jacket in a Disora collection! A beige blazer is such an easy addition to make any outfit look more elegant. It’d stand out from the first collection’s leather and denim jacket while still maintaining the brand’s sleek aesthetic.

A Plaid Skirt

We’d love to see Disora’s modern take on this classic! Is any fall outfit really complete without a touch of plaid? It’s such a staple piece that would look adorable with Disora’s denim jackets or oversized t-shirts.

A Corset

Nothing screams “fashionista” quite like a corset layered over an oversized button-down, and we think Perrie is inclined to agree. There’s something effortlessly cool about that pairing, and Little Mix even played with it for their Pretty Little Thing collab in 2019! We could see a leather corset pairing really well with the leather pants from Disora’s first collection.

Neon Shades

Since Disora’s first collection had so many neutral tones that will go with anything, it’d be fun to add some bright colors in future drops! Perrie’s eyes pop whenever she wears neon, and we’d love to see how the Disora team would incorporate it into a collection.

Jumpsuits, Jumpsuits, Jumpsuits

Just look how chic Little Mix looked in jumpsuits earlier this year! A jumpsuit is an effortless way to look gorgeously fashionable, and you can throw a jacket on top for some extra interest. Especially with Disora’s leather jacket or the neutral jacket we proposed earlier, a jumpsuit would be such a fun addition to Disora’s next collection.

What was your favorite piece from Disora’s first drop? What do you hope to see from them in the future? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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