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Amelia Moore Has Arrived With ‘sweet and sour’

Amelia Moore Has Arrived With ‘sweet and sour’

Amelia Moore

At THP, we never get enough of checking out the freshest harvest from artists on the rise. This new track is mercilessly reigning on all our playlists, and we have Amelia Moore to thank. The Georgia-bred artist has kickstarted a promising career with her debut single, ‘sweet and sour!’ Listen to it here and join the coolest swarm of Honeybees obsessing over the banger!

There couldn’t have been a better song than ‘sweet and sour’ to introduce us to Amelia’s wildly unpredictable sound. It’s stark yet explosive, ethereal yet feverish! Adorned beautifully with intricate shadowy beats, jagged guitar tones, and sudden texture shifts, ‘sweet and sour’ has us obsessed and irrevocably in love with Amelia Moore. With a gloriously fuzzed-out outro and vocal enchantment to last a lifetime, Amelia has put out a bold statement to defy all conventions and become our newest alt-pop princess!

One of my main goals is to elevate what we expect from pop artists and usher in a wave of weirder, edgier, more left-of-center music with production that’s really crazy but also refined.

Amelia Moore

“There’s Never Room For In Between”

Apart from being addicted to Amelia’s vocal magnificence, we are hopelessly drawn to the honest and emotionally transparent lyrics. Produced by her frequent collaborator Pink Slip, ‘sweet and sour’ is all about embracing your complexities. It speaks of fearlessness, and it speaks to all of us. Amelia’s charismatic and forward-thinking lyrics make ‘sweet and sour’ an empowering anthem that we’re all befriending right this second.

This song is a perfect statement of who I am as a person. For the most part, I’m a total angel and super-sweet, but the second you mess with me or any of my friends, that’s all over. It’s kind of a warning to everyone, telling them to be careful and tread lightly, or else they’ll get the sour.

Amelia Moore on ‘sweet and sour’

You tell ’em, queen!

Amelia Moore’s Just Getting Started!

With ‘sweet and sour,’ Amelia has already stamped a strong foothold in the music scene. And we’re sure you’ll agree when we say she’s here to leave footprints!

I’ve been working so hard over the past few years and waited until I found the most authentic version of my music before putting anything out. I hope my songs make people feel powerful and inspire them to believe in themselves and trust their gut no matter what everyone else is doing. You really can alter your reality, and it’s completely up to you to make that happen.

Amelia Moore

With a new EP in the works, what can we expect? Lots of ‘sweet and sour’ surprises from the new alt-popstar! We can’t wait to hear it, that’s for sure.

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