Matt Rosa’s ‘Times Have Changed’ For The Best!

Matt Rosa’s ‘Times Have Changed’ For The Best!

Through our life experiences, we feel that something is changing inside of us. There are parts of our personality that grow up. Did it happen to you lately? Did you realize that you evolved as a person? Singer-songwriter Matt Rosa’s Times Have Changed, and So Have I highlights the passage from teenage to adult life where we find the essence of who we are.

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Have No Regrets!

Caught in the middle of this nightmare in my head/Ripping at the seams of who I am,” Matt Rosa explains melodically on ‘Half Asleep.’ Through the paths we cross with the others, we wonder who we are. He reflects on how his life is, between loving people and all the regrets, with blissful guitar sounds that fans of Sam Fender would love. Matt Rosa’s Times Have Changed, and So Have I melancholic tones are delivered with so much passion that we play the songs on repeat!

The Inner Passion Flame!

Fans of mellow folk and ballads will also find their favs in the debut album. Put your sad crying emoticon face and listen to ‘How I Was Born’ and ‘Riptide.’ It’s lyrically deep and we hear James Blunt and James Arthur influences. Stripped-down guitars embrace the campfire calm mood. Is music the mirror of your life? If you look closer, you’ll hear bits of your mixed personalities. When we listen to Matt Rosa Times Have Changed, and So Have I, we go from one step to another, jangling to the eclectic beats from super drive pop-rock tunes to simple acoustic tracks. Find your inner flame and learn more about the deep ends of your feelings. Stream Matt Rosa’s amazing debut record here!

How would you describe your life’s evolution? Did you changed a lot through growing experiences? Share with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

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