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The Only True Way To Celebrate Halloween: Harry Styles’ Harryween

The Only True Way To Celebrate Halloween: Harry Styles’ Harryween

Gather around, everyone! We’re going to tell you about the two most gorgeous nights New York’s Madison Square Garden has ever witnessed, thanks to Mr. Harry Styles’s fancy dress party: Harryween. We were so excited about this part of Love On Tour! You are welcome to relive your Harryween experiences if you were fortunate enough to attend. But if you weren’t, let us take you on a breathtaking journey. 

harry styles harryween
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The Origin of Harryween

On a chilly February night, long ago in a faraway nation, a lovely green-eyed boy opened his eyes to the world. Okay, okay, let’s fast forward. As he grew older, the lovely youngster developed into a gifted performer, and his name has become a household name all over the world. Everyone was talking about this performer’s talent, how successful he was, and how he enchanted everyone who had the good fortune to see him sing and dance on stage. People from all around the world came to witness this man perform his magic on stage. Harry Styles, of course, was the man in question. With one statement, however, he has changed everything for the better: his two-day fancy dress party, Harryween. And everyone was invited. People predicted that it would be the biggest Halloween party the world had ever seen, and they were correct. As a result, the planning had begun. While they were on the road for their gigs in other states, Harry and his band were delighted to return to New York. Madison Cunningham and Orville Peck, two of Harry Styles’ friends, decided to assist him in hosting this incredible two-night Halloween bash. Even the world’s famous arena was ready for Harryween. The first day had finally arrived after a long wait. Everyone came there to see him work his magic, from fairies to angels, movie characters to zombies.

Harryween Night One: Dorothy

Let’s drop the act and get a little crazy. Damn, Harry and Harries definitely understood the assignment! You’ve definitely heard it before, but we’ll say it again: it was the most fascinating fashion show New York City has ever seen.  Only a man like Harry Styles has the ability to turn a city into a party hotspot. Before we ever saw Harry on stage, everyone was raving about how good fellow Harries looked. They were not only beautiful, but they were also thrilled, and the entire world shared their joy. Fans from all around the world were eagerly refreshing their social media accounts to get any updates on Harry, particularly what he wore. By the way, we must say that seeing MSG also dressed up, made us so happy! 

Madison Cunningham was the first to take the stage and kick off the magnificent Harryween party. After Cunningham, Orville Peck took the stage. Fans were fascinated by their talent as they both performed their finest performances. On the first day of Harry Styles’ Harryween, both opening acts wowed the crowd and set the tone for the rest of the night. After half an hour Orville Peck left the stage, lights went dim, screams got louder, and there he was, our beautiful boy!  And, of course, the band joined him dressed as different characters from The Wizard of Oz, but we’re still not sure how he persuaded his guitarist Mitch to dress up as The Cowardly Lion.

Harry Styles nailed a dress yet again, and we’re not even talking about his makeup. Even though Harry struggled with his eyelashes throughout the concert, he looked stunning! He was overjoyed the entire night, and he had the biggest smile on his face.

“In recent years, mostly this year, I’ve decided to get a little bit more dressed up for Halloween and, I feel fabulous! Do you feel fabulous?”

Harry Styles on his Dorothy outfit

On the first day of Harryween at MSG, the golden boy performed 16 songs, including fan-favorite ‘To Be So Lonely’ and Wizard of Oz’s classic ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow.’ We screamed when we heard the transition from ‘Sign Of The Times’ to ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow,’ and Harry smashed it! He even included his performance signature, the whale, in the package! There was only one bad thing about the entire show, him leaving the stage.

Harryween Night Two: Clown

We had one thought in mind when it came to Harry Styles’ Harryween night two, which took place on Halloween itself: “If Harry gave us THAT on the first day, what might we expect today?” And, gosh, we had no idea he was about to give us not only a version of ‘Medicine,’ but also a cover of Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic.’ Hello? How did we survive that?

The iconic performances of Madison Cunningham and Orville Peck kicked off night two, and they brought us pure joy again! We should definitely give them credit for their performances. Even though Harries mainly were there to see Harry, they didn’t forget to give them the appreciation they deserve. And we have to say, both opening acts have taken a significant role in our playlists now.

This time; Mr. Harry Styles decided to dress up like us, ahem, sorry, as a clown. We don’t know about you, but we never imagined a clown could look this gorgeous with his magnificent clothing decorated with a moon and stars, his pretty blush, and the pearls on his face. Again, the LOVE Band joined him wearing matching clown outfits. “We are, as you can see, we are clowns,” explained Harry, about their outfits, and yes, Harry, we can relate. 

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Harry shook Madison Square Garden as soon as he began to perform. No, we are serious. Because of the noise and jumping, the entire arena was trembling. Mr. Styles is the only one who has that impact. After a slew of lovely fan interactions, a ton of dancing, and 13 songs, Harry performed something that we will never forget. Listen up, Harry Styles performed ‘Medicine’ in 2021! We all lost our voices because of screaming during ‘Medicine,’ but Harry didn’t even give us a chance to catch our breath. Right after giving us our ‘Medicine,’ he started to sing ‘Toxic!’ Bye, we will NEVER recover from that! Everything literally happened within 10 minutes. Even ‘Medicine’ was enough for us to faint, but Harry Styles covering Britney classic ‘Toxic’ was something we didn’t know we needed. Maybe our favorite fruit-man can give us the cover of ‘Take Me To Church’ next, what do you say?

Two things are certain after Harry Styles’ Harryween. One, we are definitely going to tell our future kids about it. Two, we will never get over it. There isn’t much left to say. It looks like Harry Styles is going to have us in a chokehold for the rest of our lives. How are you coping with all of these? Give us some tips in our comments, and over on TwitterFacebook or Instagram! If you want more Harries in your life, don’t forget to join our Discord server, The Hive.

harry styles harryween
Image Source: Tumblr

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