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6 Things We Love About Super Junior D&E’s New Album

6 Things We Love About Super Junior D&E’s New Album

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk have just released their first Korean studio album Countdown! Known together as the subunit D&E, these legends each dropped a solo song in October to tease their new album. Donghae released ‘California Love’ featuring NCT’s Jeno, and Eunhyuk released ‘Be.’ We at THP have been hyped to see this duo come back after almost a year!

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D&E’s new album is so comforting, and something about it makes us believe that everything is okay, and we will be okay. Countdown features a total of ten tracks, and we can talk about how amazing each song is for days. Let’s count down six of the many things we love about D&E’s new album!

D&E's new album countdown
Image Source: Super Junior via Twitter

You can stream Countdown on various platforms here!

6. The Wholesome Lyrics Of ‘Share My Love’

We’re starting this list off with ‘Share My Love,’ an upbeat song about wanting to share everything you have with your lover. You want them to lean on your shoulder and feel relaxed whenever you’re together. The lyrics are wholesome, and the chorus to this song is so addictive. We want to share our love with D&E if they get to have another concert soon!

D&E's new album images
Image Source: Super Junior via Twitter

5. The Vocals In ‘Have A Nice Day’

‘Have A Nice Day’ is a soft song about being in denial when your relationship has ended. You don’t want to believe it’s over, and you hate that you’re still in love with them. So when you see them, you pretend like everything is fine and nothing has changed. We love listening to Donghae’s and Eunhyuk’s vocals, and this song could lull us to sleep.

4. The Inspirational Message In ‘La La La’

If you needed a reason to be yourself, listen to ‘La La La.’ This song will get you vibing like nobody’s business. And even if people look at you, don’t mind them! You’re just here to go crazy and enjoy life’s short moments. D&E encourages us to be who we are and live how we want, which we definitely needed to hear!

D&E's new album images 2
Image Source: Super Junior via Twitter

3. The Danceability Of ‘Feel That Feelin”

We don’t know what D&E put in ‘Feel That Feeling,’ but it makes us want to dance nonstop. We just automatically want to get up and groove to this song! The bass sounds on point, and D&E’s voices match the song so well! ‘Feel That Feelin” needs to be in your party music playlist ASAP.

2. The Music In ‘Beautiful Liar’

Another thing we love about D&E’s new album is how well they do different music styles. The instrumental in ‘Beautiful Liar’ is energetic and just incredible. And we’re suckers for the flute playing in the background! This duo can’t be limited to one genre of music, period.

1. The Title Track And Its English Version

Finally, we have the title track ‘Zero’ and its English version. These songs are dedicated to all D&E’s fans, who have given D&E their love and support ever since the subunit’s debut ten years ago. We love seeing Donghae and Eunhyuk continue to make music together. The music video is super fun, and the choreography never disappoints!

D&E’s new album feels like a fresh start for them, and we can’t wait to listen to more of their music. The songs sound so comforting, and we’ll definitely be vibing to them all day!

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D&E's new album concept photos
Image Source: Super Junior via Twitter

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Featured Image Source: Super Junior via Twitter

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