ASTRO’s MJ Digital Single Gives Us Nothing But Serotonin

ASTRO’s MJ Digital Single Gives Us Nothing But Serotonin

Last year we were blessed with the debut of ASTRO‘s sub-unit consisting of Sanha and Moonbin, and this year we have MJ’s first digital single: Happy Virus. And the title is what you get: nothing but serotonin.

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The main song ‘Get Set Yo’ is all about good vibes and happiness. The energetic song not only embodies MJ’s bright personality, but it also showcases his talents – whether it comes to his voice or his dancing skills. ‘Get Set Yo’ does show a totally different side to his voice than what you get in ASTRO, which makes it even more special. With its retro production, the song feels so dynamic, and you can only feel happiness when listening to it. And of course, another big highlight is how Kim Taeyeon adds with her voice such a sweet side to the song.

The music video embodies the song perfectly – it’s fun and colorful. And MJ simply shines. It’s impossible to think of a better song for him.

That wasn’t the only song he released though. The b-side, ‘Valet Parking’ is a very trot-like song. It isn’t surprising knowing last year he was part of a trot group put together by MBC. His vocals are exceptional in this one and show yet another side of his vocals. The versatility in his voice is truly incredible. Not everyone can pull off this type of music. This b-side truly represents him as a whole, the bright and happy vibe of the song with its mixture of trot genre screams MJ, and we love it.

Every single detail in this release embodies MJ as a whole and it’s one of the main reasons why we’re obsessed with it. If you’re looking for something to lift your spirit up, MJ has your back.

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Featured Image Source: Fantagio Music

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