Cher Is Letting Us See The Magic For One Night!

Cher Is Letting Us See The Magic For One Night!

This is not a drill! We repeat: This is not a drill! People, we are getting to see the wonderful, the stunning, the iconic Cher soon!

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The woman who marked the music history is gonna come back for a special night at the Buddhist Monastery and Nunnery, bringing us all together to be reminded how magic works after loving our queen Cher!

We Are Still In Love With Cher, And We Will Be Forever!

Everyone knows by now that Cher is simply the best, but she just had to go and prove it. Her music is doesn’t just give us butterflies and have us dance around to the incredible bops we love, making us have an ‘Emotional Fire.’ But at the same time, the queen is using her music to help everyone, and in this case as a benefit for the organization WisdomSound.

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This concert will bring us some of the biggest superstars to the stage, working together with the WisdomSound to teach/learn more about Buddhism. An amazing opportunity to see our fav and get to know about the world!

To watch the concert click HERE!

We are so excited to see Cher back at the stage on November 8 at this benefit concert that we know is gonna be unforgettable! We are counting the days to finally see her!

Are you planning to assist to the benefit concert? Which song are you most excited to listen? Tell us everything in the comments and don´t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

Want to know more about your faves? Head on over!


Featured Image Source: Collage by Óscar Germade for Getty Images

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