‘Follow Me Around’ Says Radiohead’s Treasure Box!

‘Follow Me Around’ Says Radiohead’s Treasure Box!

Put your hands in the treasure box. What did you find? Rings? Diamond necklaces? Nope, it was something far better for the Radiohead fan in us! Indeed, the Oxford band released a rarity from the early 2000s and we are overwhelmed to finally be able to hear it! Radiohead’s ‘Follow Me Around’ is out now and we’re ready to enjoy the ballroom blitz!

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21 Years And Going Strong!

How do you feel dear ‘Karma Police’ detectives? It’s so hot in here, thanks to the Oxford kings‘ teasers on their socials. The new blips are coming as they say and it’s only a question of days. Kid A and Amnesiac, two of Radiohead’s iconic albums, celebrate their 21st anniversary! Time flies so fast! For the occasion, we all channel our inner KID AMNESIA, and we find our memory back to dive into Radiohead’s particular universe. Stay ‘Optimistic’ and gear up to go to the ‘Idioteque!’ You’ll then make sure to get ‘Everything In Its Right Place.’ From paperbacks to vinyl records, get your ultimate package here with Radiohead’s ‘Follow Me Around’ and ‘If You Say The Word’ never before heard exclusive songs!

Back To The Old Times!

“I feel absolutely nothin’/The words are out of ink/The words you know are out of ink,” sings Thom Yorke with his twisted emotional vocals. When two spirits collide, we find ourselves submerged in a swarm of thoughts. Radiohead’s ‘Follow Me Around’ is surrounding the whole space, making us reflect like a mirror on the wall. “Headlights on full-beam/Comin’ down the fast lane/Comin’ after me,” the song opens up with the smooth cymbal hums. Feeling trapped by society is a normal feeling. We have to fit norms and sometimes we are way beyond that. Going back to The Bends aesthetic, the guitars slide in folk staccatos and sway in the melancholic rock path. With Oasis and many other iconic bands, Radiohead’s part on this Britpop memorabilia just keeps getting us so emo!

Don’t panic the triple album is coming really soon! Did you preorder it? What did you think of the new track? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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