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Here’s Why You Need To See Alexander 23 Live On Oh No, Not A Tour

Here’s Why You Need To See Alexander 23 Live On Oh No, Not A Tour

Oh No Not A Tour

You may recall how hyped we were when Alexander 23 announced Oh No, Not A Tour back in June. Having attended the LA night two date of tour, we can happily say we were right about some of our setlist predictions. If you don’t know who Alexander 23 is, stop right here, go read this, and then come back. We fell in love basically instantly and we have a feeling you will too. From tracks like ‘Come Here And Leave Me Alone’ to ‘Caught In The Middle,’ we can’t get over how talented this guy is. When we heard that he was embarking on his first ever headlining tour, we just knew we had to be there. The energy in the room? Unmatched. Not to brag but he even said it was his favorite show so far.

(Yes we know there are a lot of other dates to get through but we’re holding on to that okay.)

We had so much fun at this show and we just had to share it with you because we think everyone needs to see Alexander 23 live at some point and this is why!

Oh No Not A Tour Alexander 23
Image Source: Aman Shamim

King Of Meet And Greet

Before we even get into the show itself, we just have to talk about how much of a sweetheart Alexander 23 is! We were lucky enough to get to do a (socially distanced) meet and greet and he was an absolute angel! He even signed someone’s arm for a tattoo! And after the show, he was out front meeting fans as well. It was so heartwarming to see him take the time to talk to everyone and we absolutely loved it.

Image Source: Sarah Ashrafi.
Ignore how frazzled this author looked, it was a wild show.

We Are In Fact Crying Over One Boy’s Performance

Honestly, we don’t even know where to begin with this show. If you’re familiar with Alexander’s music, you know that a lot of the songs are a little slower, a little softer, the kind of thing you put on to fully simp to. Now, don’t get us wrong, we were definitely certified simps in the audience still, but this show featured Alexander 23’s music in full on rockstar mode. There were so many stand out moments that we would be here literally forever trying to cover it all (even though we would love to do that). That being said, we will absolutely be covering some of the highlight moments from the show.

The Opener

After VIP was done, we made our way to the barricade and got our world changed by Max Leone. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you will soon, but let us be the first to introduce you. Coming out on-stage in a Harry Styles-esque Gucci suit (we love to see it), Max performed some songs that we can’t get out of our heads. ‘The Beach’ and ‘in case (there’s a change of heart)’ were standout favorites of ours and you better believe that we will be listening to Max Leone on repeat after this.

Oh No Not A Tour
Image Source: Aman Shamim

The Man Of The Hour

When Alexander 23 took the stage and started his performance, we just knew that Oh No, Not A Tour was the place to be. Especially because it was on October 23rd. Fans of Alexander 23 know that that’s a special date and a special number, so obviously this show was going to be something special. When we think about the energy in that room and how hyped it was, we’re pretty sure “special” doesn’t even begin to describe the experience.

Alexander 23 proved time and time again that he was meant to be on stage. The show opened with the newer crowd-favorite ‘Cry Over Boys.’ It wasn’t the version you might be used to hearing though. The live addition of drums, guitar, and keyboard gave every song a heart-thumping beat that you couldn’t help but dance to, even if the lyrics didn’t match the vibe. Don’t get us wrong, we love the slow, soft vibes of the studio version, but this live version was everything. We’re probably going to say this more than once but the vocals were phenomenal live.

Image Source: Aman Shamim

One of our favorite live changes to a song was the ending of ‘Girl,’ where Alexander 23 went full rockstar mode, adding synth echoes to his voices and going off on the guitar, leaving us absolutely floored. Seriously, we’re not entirely sure how to put into words what we felt at that moment, because it was incredible.

Image Source: Victoria Palaziol

Nothing But Emotions

Like do you hear that? Is that not certified rockstar behavior? We just can’t get enough. In addition to these absolute bangers, we got fan-favorites from the I’m Sorry I Love You era. Getting to jam along to ‘Mars,’ ‘High School,’ ’20 Something,’ ‘Sad,’ and ‘The Internet,’ made for a great night. Oh, and we can’t forget about the EP of the hour, Oh No, Not Again. If you saw us crying to ‘Come Here And Leave Me Alone’ or ‘Brainstorm’ uhhhh….no you didn’t.

As if that wasn’t already enough fun, Alexander 23 performed a high-energy cover of ‘Teenage Dream’ by Katy Perry and there was not a single pair of feet on the ground. Everyone was jumping, dancing, and singing along. We’re pretty sure that if you look up “phenomenal” in the dictionary it’ll just be a picture of that moment tbh. Following that, he hopped down to the edge of the stage to finish off ‘When I Die’ and it was truly magical.

Take A Bow

After exiting the stage, to the chorus of fans chanting for an encore, Alexander 23 made his return to the stage. He looked like an absolute angel seated at the keyboard, backlit by the stage lights. He performed ‘Track 9’ and ‘IDK You Yet,’ two of his incredibly emotional tracks off of Oh No, Not Again and ended the night with ‘Dirty AF1s,’ which we will never ever ever get tired of hearing.

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All in all, we had the most AMAZING time (if you couldn’t tell) and we’re so glad that we got to experience Oh No, Not A Tour. The fact that it’s Alexander 23’s first headlining tour ever made it even better. We cannot stress it enough, you must see this guy live.

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Are you going to any dates of Oh No, Not A Tour? If you weren’t before are you now, were we convincing enough? Let us know in the comments below or chat with us on Twitter!

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Featured Image Source: Alexander 23 via Instagram

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