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Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett, A Timeless Duo

Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett, A Timeless Duo

Music collaborations put magic to the test on a daily basis. Then, we have Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. A pair of talented, accomplished musicians that have teamed up and, against all odds, managed to produced some truly iconic reprises. What’s more, they are still coming up with gems, such as their newly released `Night and Day´ music video!

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Many might feel surprised that our regular Mother Monster, aka Lady Gaga, took to jazz. But as good Little Monsters, the THP crew know of her incredible versatility and undeniable genius. Even legend Tony Bennett was taken by her voice and found a `Million Reasons´ to pair up with her. And so, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s collaboration and friendship, founded on their common love for music, has gifted us with not one but two studio duet albums: Cheek to Cheek (2014) and Love for Sale (2021). In light of all this, it was only fitting that we showcase some of their outstanding duets. So, we’ve handpicked a few of their performances that prove talent has not care a for age, gender nor adversities.

Image Source: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett (Columbia/Interscope)

`Night And Day´

Is it just us or have everyone else’s eyes also got all watery? Ever since we got our hands on this release, we have the chills and all that jazz… There’s an evident admiration that shines through Lady Gaga’s performance as she glances over to her companion and jazz icon Tony Bennett. And we can’t help but echo their bliss. Not many artists reach the age of 95, as Bennett did this year, and get to continue to light up a studio with his voice and presence as he clearly still does. There’s a joy in doing what you were born to do that no setback or challenge can outshine. In this video, you’ll see what we mean… and mind you, Tony Bennett has been battling Alzheimer’s for a few years… as if we could tell any difference! He’s in his element and channeling some magic with our queen of the decade Lady Gaga. That we can tell!

`The Lady Is A Tramp´

Wow, this classic keeps getting new remakes that nail it! This take on the song is our fav so far! Just play through it, Lady Gaga is dressed to the nines in yet another new iconic outfit and Tony is on point with his pitch and look. To be talented is to be resourceful and this duo is pulling all the stops on this reprise. They give us cheekiness, class, swing and so much more! Don’t let us just tell you, head on and see it for yourself!

`I’ve Got You Under My Skin´

Now, let’s tune in tenderness and romance. Because with these two, there’s an abundance of both. And this anthem, classic of classics resonates with all of us. Lady Gaga bares her soul and exudes confidence, while Tony Bennett’s performance steals everyone’s heart. We really love a music video that’s simple in concept and rich in delivery!

`Cheek to Cheek´

This performance attests to their wonderful onstage chemistry and heartwarming friendship. They feel comfortable next to each other and it shows! Let’s face it, their voices work beautifully together. And we live to watch Tony Bennett move to the rhythm as Lady Gaga deploys all her charm to push this song to new uncharted territories.

All in all, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett fill our hearts with joy, hope and jazz! We are given all the treats of a one-of-a-kind timeless duo that raises the bar for future collaborations. And to all of those who doubt that music is magic in its purest form, we have a short clip that proves that music connects us beyond all known boundaries… even beyond the mists of a forgetful mind. That what matters, lingers in a song in everyone’s heart.

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