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Missy Higgins Is On The ‘Edge of Something’ And We Want To Know!

Missy Higgins Is On The ‘Edge of Something’ And We Want To Know!

“I’m on the edge of something … possibly beautiful.” – Missy Higgins

The multi-award-winning global sensation Missy Higgins is one of the most underrated artists ever. Yes, we know that she is globally renowned, has many achievements under her belt, and has a huge fan base. However, we think she deserves so much more, and why not? Having such mesmerizing vocals and being one of the greatest songwriters of her generation, she is one of those rare artists that come along once in a lifetime.

Missy Higgins
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Melissa Morrison Higgins, otherwise known as Missy, is an Australian singer-songwriter, musician, actress, and activist who has won the hearts of millions of global fans since her debut album. She grew up in the 1980s and 1990s listening to artists that her older siblings played, like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Queen, and Kiss, etc., so you can only imagine what a diverse musical palate she had at such a young age.

Missy Higgins is known for her poignant ballads and thoughtful adult pop, making her a heartthrob since the inception of her career. She has received phenomenal worldwide success due to her captivating melodies, soulful lyrics, and distinctive enthralling voice. She is a voice of inspiration that always speaks to the heart. Her words are honest, her storytelling is evocative, and her voice rises above the brilliant piano playing. To celebrate her latest release, ‘Edge Of Something,’ here are some of our favorite lyrics by Missy Higgins and what makes them unique and memorable to us!

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‘Edge Of Something’

“I’m on the edge of the unknown/ There’s a valley of secrets/ Stretched out below
But I got you in my chest/ And it’s giving me power/ Yeah, this kinda love don’t rest”

‘Edge Of Something’ has hooked us from the first time we heard it. It is an eloquent hymn to self-empowerment that instantly elevates our spirits and leaves us feeling good. Missy Higgins’ eloquent and poignant vocals accompany a string of reverberant and soothing piano chords. Its rich soundscape gradually unfolds, allowing us to plunge deep into the soulful vibe of the song. With each passing beat, lush vocal harmonies, powerful chord progressions, and guitar strings lead us to a captivating chorus that elicits a flood of emotions.

Now, let’s take a quick glance at those lyrics, shall we? Missy’s songwriting reigns supreme throughout the song, with some standout and thought-provoking lyrics worth a listen. Her sense of empowerment, self-sufficiency, and optimism, combined with the conviction that she could overcome anything, provided the motivation we needed to persevere during challenging times.

Listen to ‘Edge Of Something’ here!

‘Carry You’

“And reflected in your eyes/ Is all my love and all my lies/ Is all my promise and my pride,
Is all my fear and all my fight/ Is all my dread and my denial

Together, Missy Higgins and Tim Minchin make up the quintessential Aussie duo. ‘Carry You’ is a powerful and unapologetically Australian song that blends Missy’s distinctive Aussie twang with a sophisticated ballad tone. The production is spacious and minimalist, which allows the lyrics to take center stage and carries the overall emotional appeal that instantly captures the ear. Directed by Josef Gatti, the video for ‘Carry You’ shows a duo on a journey together while trying to fight and overcome hardships of all sizes while still holding onto each other until the end. Parallel to this, Missy Higgins appears singing her heart out, evoking emotions through monochrome footage.

So though we cannot be together/ I know that I will carry you wherever I go/
I will carry you/ Lord knows, I will carry you!”

Missy is a prolific songwriter, which is why her heartfelt lyrics effortlessly captivate us every time. These lyrics evoke a sense of regret and a yearning for connection, something we can all resonate with. The song talks about keeping someone close to your heart for the rest of your life, no matter where they are. Regardless of broken relationships, lost love, grieving, or being unspoken for years, there will always be someone you will treasure forever. Those memories will stay in your heart for a lifetime, even if you cannot be together.

‘Where I Stood’

“‘Cause I don’t know who I am, who I am without you
All I know is that I should
And I don’t know if I could stand another hand upon you
All I know is that I should
‘Cause she will love you more than I could
She who dares to stand where I stood”

We will be honest with you, our sweet as honey readers. These lyrics are by far our most favorite words that Missy Higgins ever penned down. ‘Where I Stood’ is such a powerful, heartfelt, and gentle reminder that we could all use in our daily lives. And if you don’t believe us, listen to the song for yourself, and you will see what we mean. When she sang, “You meant more to me than anyone I’ve ever loved at all/ But you taught me how to trust myself/ And so I say to you. this is what I have to do,” it felt like something pierced through our souls. The song is on repeat whenever we feel the need to remember the majestic, irreplaceable, and magnificent beauty that once stood by us and dives down memory lane. We were captivated by this song from our first listen and have loved it ever since. Missy’s angelic vocals and unmistakably phenomenal words can stir your heart within seconds.


So hold this feeling like a newborn,
Of freedom surging through your veins
You have opened up a new door
So bring on the wind, the fire, and the rain

The song ‘Steer’ gets right to the core of our being and transcends us entirely. With its excellent production and apt title, the song encourages us to steer our lives in the right direction and take charge of them. Whenever you feel out of control, this song helps you get through troubled times by reminding you that you are the only one who can guide yourself correctly. Along the way, we get a strong hit of nostalgia in different elements of ‘Steer,’ as it encourages us to fight against stumbling blocks and those who want us to drag us down so that we can feel better.

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Our love for Missy Higgins’ music really stems from her impeccable lyric writing skills. Her authenticity and transparency are evident in her works, and her self-reflective nature in music speaks to us. The video shows Missy doing the same thing and driving the way others instruct her, which metaphorically depicts the way others try to control her. But in the end, she chooses herself and does things her way, which makes her feel satisfied and happy. Remember, you are responsible for creating your own life, so you should not let circumstances dictate your destiny. You are the master of your own destiny, so it is up to you to decide what is right for you.

“But the search ends here, where the night is totally clear
And your heart is fierce, so now you finally know
That you control where you go, you can steer!”

How do you feel about Missy’s newest release, ‘Edge Of Something,’ and what do you hope to hear from her next? What are your favorite lyrics from Missy, and what are your favorite things about her? Let’s continue the conversation by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the daily drip? Get the latest pop culture news and inside scoop by following us on Instagram and Facebook.

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Featured Image Source: Missy Higgins via Instagram

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