Mother Mother’s ‘Life’ Doubts Lift Our Minds Up!

Mother Mother’s ‘Life’ Doubts Lift Our Minds Up!

Do you sometimes wonder where you should be right now? Are you questioning yourself on what is the purpose of your actions? Canadian pop-rockers Mother Mother’s ‘Life’ will help you find the answers! The latest release taken from their album Inside depicts humanity like “You are an extraordinary machine,” and they are so damn right!

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Get Ready!

Do you have your tickets for Mother Mother’s European and UK tour dates? Get them quick here! If you already got your place for the wonderful set of concerts, make sure you’re all prepared for it! First, find your mic and keep your TikTok app near. Then open and stream the lyric video of Mother Mother’s ‘Life’ in the language of your choice! Wanna learn Portuguese, French, or German? Discover the poetry of the Canadian indie band the way you wish! With ballads that would please fans of Ricky Montgomery to pumped up heavy rock thumps, the band unveils their vulnerability on the Inside. Stream the album here.

‘Life’ As We Know It!

When CHVRCHES and Liam Gallagher producer and mixer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent wants to work with you, you know it’s going to be a huge track! Being a songwriter can sometimes lead to the blank page struggle and Mother Mother’s ‘Life’ came into the process. “Oh yeah, I lost my head again/Out there on the rough and tough terrain,” they sing in the first verse, trying to cope with the difficulties. ‘Life’ isn’t easy going all the time and it’s normal to have some doubts. The fuzzy guitars melt into distorted futuristic chords that fit perfectly with the slow bass rhythms. “You sing the diamond moon blue/You heave the world/You gush the forest/You dream the open fire,” the bridge gives us a glimpse of hope along with the acute and stunning harmonies. There is always a way to feel better in this world. Put some glitter in your ‘Life’ here.

Is your ‘Life’ going as expected? Are you right where you’re supposed to be or still questioning yourself? Drop us your answers on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

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