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The Bees Knees Weekly Dose Of Serotonin Is Here!

The Bees Knees Weekly Dose Of Serotonin Is Here!

The sun is setting earlier now and we need a boost to motivate ourselves through the days. Music will help you as always! At The Bees Knees weekly playlist, we’ve got some beats full of serotonin, from embracing soul ballads to groovy escapes! What’s up? Check out our favorite new rising tracks!

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Gaspar Narby – ‘Death & Other Things’

The Bees Knees weekly new artist countdown explores the Swiss coast with Gaspar Narby. “I was an old-school romantic, now I’m twenty-four and got no clue what I’m here for,” he gently murmurs on his song ‘Death & Other Things.’ Fans of Gracie Abrams‘ delicate bops will love the simple and cute hooks of Gaspar Narby. How to find our place in society? What happens when we grow up?

Through childhood VHS tapes, the Swiss artist unveils a part of his memories. “Now I’m twenty-four/But still get lost in the superstore falling I’m falling don’t let me fall away,” he reminds on the track. Meaningful, the song is an ode to our lost thoughts, trying to sort out the passage from being a child to adulthood and facing the obstacles of life. Stream Gaspar Narby’s marvelous folk melodies on ‘Death & Other Things’ here.

Cody Frost – ‘Berlin’

Take a trip through the futuristic world with Cody Frost’s ‘Berlin.’ The electro ambient track echoes in our heads so intensely that we can’t get it out of our minds. The crazy slow beats are so addictive. “There is an elephant in every room that I walk in/Please just be delicate ’cause I cannot hear you squawking,” she said in the infectious chorus. Inspired by her experiences, the song relates to the different struggles we can get through at some point.

Sickness, mental health issues, and other obstacles are metaphorically the beastly animal. The new face of hyper pop drives through the bleeps and electronics, swaying vocally like her British peer Milly Toomey aka GIRLI. She can intertwine the dance and punk-rock attitude all in one on this vibrant song, which we recommend strongly here at The Bees Knees weekly dose of new music. Travel to the German capital and stream ‘Berlin’ here!

Sandro Cavazza – ‘Shameless’

Have you found another? Somebody who makes you happy?” These are questions we phase in when it comes to a harsh breakup. Swedish-based new artist Sandro Cavazza brings The Bees Knees their weekly dose of emotions. His soulful ballad ‘Shameless’ is perfect! “Darling, I know that I’m Shameless/Hoping you’re hopelessly waiting/Wishing that I would come back to let you know I was a fool to let you go,” he croons romantically, trying to gain his lost love back. Let’s cry to the piano melodies and tear-jerking vocals. Yes, he may be the next James Blunt! He amazingly penned a masterpiece that give us sweet chills. From ‘Beautiful’ collaborations with Kygo to these melancholic songs, Sandro Cavazza rises the passion in our hearts. Stream ‘Shameless’ here.

Taylor Janzen – ‘Graveyard’

This cover is our absolute obsession these days! What happens when Halsey meets X Ambassadors? We get Canada’s Taylor Janzen who brightens us up with her lo-fi pop vocals on ‘Graveyard’ acoustic version. The atmospheric guitars are just so lovely and introspective, hitting us straight in the heart. “Oh, ’cause I keep diggin’ myself down deeper/I won’t stop ’til I get where you are,” Taylor sings with lots of sensibilities. She articulates so many emotions into this brilliant rendition of Halsey’s hit. Interpersonal relationships may drag us low but we don’t want to drown deep in the water. Taylor Janzen’s solid vocals keep us afloat. The fascinating rendition takes all its full meaning, and hope is just around the corner. Rise from your ‘Graveyard’ tomb and stream Taylor Janzen’s cover here.

KILLBOY – ‘Space’

The Bees Knees weekly dose of pop loves this new artist from Texas, KILLBOY. “I need space, but everytime I push you away/It’s like hey, sorta kinda wish you would stay,” she croons in her latest single ‘Space.’ Do you ever get mad when some people you love, think you are alright, but you aren’t? How do you tell someone you need them, but at the same time, you wish to be alone? ‘Space’ is that kind of mellow pop song that embraces our whole mood right now. The synth pop vibes envelop us in cloudy dreams. KILLBOY bashes at venomous relationships with shiny drum loops and her heavenly vocals. The deep electronics melt perfectly with the emotional lyrics. Find your spaceship and fly to ‘Space’ with KILLBOY here.

TeaMarrr – ‘Show Me Love’

How are you feeling the African vibes? Between congas, R’n’B soul and hip hop, TeaMarrr asks Meer Colon to ‘Show Me Love’ with swag. “I just wanna dance with somebody/I just wanna dance with a stranger/I wanna feel like a lady/Show me, love, show me, love,” she goes in the hypnotic chorus. Forget your problems and elevate yourself to a new level. Move your hips to the sweet sounds and be charmed like a snake. It’s easy to be mesmerized by the tender touches of TeaMarr’s sensual vocals. Summer is not over with the paradisiac track. Let’s travel in a romantic world through Adam and Eve’s garden. Show TeaMarrr some love and stream her new single here!

Ashley Kutcher – ‘The Night You Left’

Who feels sad tonight? “I don’t remember the day that we met/But I’m still reliving the night that you left,” Ashley Kutcher reminisces in the chorus of her new single ‘The Night You Left.’ Through idea sketches and guitar melodies, she sorrows about her lost love and thinks everything is over. It crashed down and she still can see the hurting image of the break-up. Ashley Kutcher creates an amazing piece full of sensibility.

The singer is one of the new pop figures to watch and is fulfilling The Bees Knees’ weekly dose of melancholy. There’s no need to get complicated instrumentation to feel the pain. An acoustic guitar, smooth vocals and it does the job! It’s time to realize we all should move on with that very emotive craft from the rising star. Who’s excited for her debut EP One Eighty on November 19th? Stream Ashley Kutcher’s latest track here.

Beattie – ‘Treat Me Right’

Attention Dua Lipa and Mabel fans! We may have found your new fav! Rising UK star Beattie explores lovely beats on Bhav’s produced single ‘Treat Me Right.’ The stargazing beats lovingly intertwine with her stunning crystalline vocals. “Just tell me if I’m on your mind, just tell me why you’re here tonight,” she croons with a captivating assurance. How do you make up your mind? The British singer knows what she needs and you should be prepared. Stay honest while expressing your feelings to others, that’s all we live for. With ‘Treat Me Right,’ she attracted us and gave The Bees Knees our weekly smile. The bubblegum flavored track is a pure sign girl power is still up and alive! Stream Beattie’s ‘Treat Me Right’ from your fav music platform here.

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Mark Ambor – ‘Company’

Viral New York artist Mark Ambor keeps us in good ‘Company’ with his new single. This gives The Bees Knees a weekly dose of serotonin. With Dean Lewis-infused guitar edges and pop ballad road trip-influenced melodies, we can only smile! He gives us a true message of hope because “all of us fall and we’re always getting back on our feet.” The song brings some positive and good intoxicating vibes to our souls. If you are addicted to Johnny Orlando’s charms, maybe you should lend an ear to Mark Ambor’s music. Feel alive again with the amazing and joyful piano and guitar dangling lines. Lose yourself to happiness where life is better for each other. Get yourself in good ‘Company’ with Mark Ambor here.

Motherfolk – ‘black eye/bad night’

Do you need some indie gems for your playlists? We discovered them at Lollapalooza recently and now Motherfolk is about to release their the flower EP and we are lulling to their beautiful rhymes. If you love Of Monsters And Men’s indie glam comfort sounds. ‘black eye/bad night’ is a flourishing crescendo of indie-pop guitars that won’t be able to get out of your head. “And it feels like my head’s in a landslide/That’s okay, I’m just having a bad night,” sings Motherfolk on the blistering chorus. We can’t resist the string slides and the joyful drum parts. How to cure a hangover? With Motherfolk of course. The Bees Knees weekly rising artists and bands list, bets you a fiver you will listen to it nonstop! Pre-save the band’s blossoming new material here!

How would you rate these tracks? Let us know which one you prefer and why! It’s easy, just tweet us @TheHoneyPop or pop up on our Facebook and Instagram.

Do you feel excited about new music? Get some new recommendations from The Honey POP team here!

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