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The Book of Boba Fett First Teaser Trailer Is Out!

The Book of Boba Fett First Teaser Trailer Is Out!

The official countdown has started! And as Disney+ will have it, we have a holiday date set for December 29th. The occasion? A brand-new Star Wars adventure series: none other than the epic release of the highly anticipated The Book of Boba Fett! But before we go sprinting to our calendars and secure the day, we are rewarded with a sneak peek to keep us guessing and wishing for more… Let’s scrutinize the latest trailer as we try to appease the hype for what’s to come! We’ll try our best to…

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First Teaser Trailer

On November 1st, just as we are unpacking our Christmas decorations… wait, is it too soon? Never mind us… As we were saying, while playing the first Christmas songs for the year 2021, Disney+ goes and pays as an early gift with this trailer. And if you are anything like us, you’ve probably played it a good hundred times to press out all the juice from the clip. Leave it to us fans to extract vital information from the shortest of videos… To join us on what’ll probably be a dissertation on probable outcomes, please have a look!

Now that we are reunited, let’s get on with browsing the few hints we were mercifully granted. We’ll do our best to spill the beans, however few we got!

Easter Eggs, Easter Eggs Everywhere

Are we about to dive into a whole new take on the Star Wars universe? It certainly feels like The Mandalorian brought forth the works of criminals, bounty hunters, and other less heroic characters – leaving out Din Djarin, of course. And boy, we loooved every second of it! You can catch us tackling various aspects of this new epic story here. Regardless, we fell head over spaceships with the narrative and are desperate for more content. But at this point, we need to admit that The Book of Boba Fett does promise a darker spin to the characters headlining this series and a showcase of the galaxy’s underworld.

And as per our first easter egg, you’ve heard it yourselves. Boba Fett claims he’s no longer a bounty hunter, now he’s after a seat, the seat to become the next big crime lord. We’ve got to see that!

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Also, as we contemplate his companion, we can’t help but wonder what role will Fennec Shand play in this scenario. One thing is for sure, this assassin ain’t playing coy!

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Final Impressions: “It’s a Trap!”

There’s so much yet to cover! We got only but a glimpse of Jabba the Hutt’s Palace that we are hoping to revisit, now that it’s been turned into Boba Fett’s headquarters. As well as that, it was hinted that the plot will pivot around the mess that has promised to get all of Jabba’s minions/captains under control. That’ll sure be fun! And as per quoting one of the favorites, Han Solo’s wisdom can be traced to his infamous: “never tell me the odds.” We don’t want to know either! Because bottom-line, all that matters is that we are sitting at the very edge of our seats as we wait impatiently for December to come!

And we know it’s never quite enough to go on about the Star Wars universe, but we are hoping you can share with us your thoughts on this trailer and what’s to come in the comments below! Or via tweet @TheHoneyPOP, or even at Facebook or Instagram!

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