Blanks ‘Dance Like This’ With Debut Album!

Blanks ‘Dance Like This’ With Debut Album!

Let’s book a trip to the Netherlands! Rising artist Blanks will kick off the road trip like nobody else. Learn to love and connect with the retro-pop sounds. Close your eyes and escape through Blanks’ ‘Dance Like This’ latest single and the whole Nothing Lasts Forever And That’s OK record!

Image Source: Jantina Talsma

Let’s Sing Around!

Keep smiling and enter the happy world of Blanks ‘Dance Like This’ and singalong tracks! Nothing Lasts Forever And That’s OK. We just have to enjoy the present days and forget the past. We have a complete crush on ‘Classic Armstrong’ synth-pop beats. “I don’t mind the key, you’re the perfect melody,” the Netherlands newcomer sings with fierce positivity. You can make your personal version or bring your chanting skills to your friends’ parties with the sunny video below.

Making Ofs

How to connect with the fans? Blanks takes his role seriously. He shared some producing secrets on his YouTube channel lately. It’s simply marvelous! How to write a banger? Find some ideas from your personal experience and pen some rhymes. The retro vibes of Blanks’ ‘Dance Like This,’ and many of his other debut album tracks like ‘Turn Around,’ bring the sweet hooks to life! Fans of Inhaler’s punchy chorus and Japanese Breakfast blissfully guitar melodies will love the magnificent musical escapes from start till the end on Nothing Last Forever And That’s Okay.

Let’s Dance!

We can be ‘Chasing After Memories’ but, more importantly, it’s ‘Okay To Cry’ on the shining melancholic electric guitars. It’s also good to follow Blanks’ ‘Dance Like This’ advice and move around to the ethereal and frantic beats. It’s Almost Monday but the weekend only begins with the great music from Blanks. The joyful energy only makes our days better!

Go back in time and feel the powerful love! Stream Nothing Last Forever And That’s Ok here. Tell us what is your favorite track on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Jantina Talsma

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