‘either way,’ It’s All About Success For Arden Jones

‘either way,’ It’s All About Success For Arden Jones

Left or right-handed? Good or bad? ‘either way’ Arden Jones keeps us hooked to his music. The rising LA-based artist shows us some grooves on his paradisiac and sunny new single! While his bio says he’s here to make us smile, he couldn’t be more right!

Image Source: Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Express Yourself!

Fancy a day at the beach? You’ll just ‘Smile’ with the artistic side from Arden Jones. The rising Californian star brings back the hot joyful times with his new single. Arden Jones’ ‘either way’ is that perfect song to sing out loud with our friends in the car as he teased us on his socials! As the likes of Oscar Lang, Alfie Templeman, or our inspiring YUNGBLUD, Mr. Jones knows how to mix authentic lo-fi pop with rap bars. Of course, art is his world, and he’s asking what’s ours on his Instagram. We couldn’t agree more since music is his true form of expression! Don’t be shy to tell others what you think at some point. Even in the negative, at least you would have tried!

Be Perseverant!

Arden Jones’ ‘either way’ starts with an obsessive piano intro. Cherishing this instrument since his younger days, the singer spread happiness through his shiny melodic lines. Anxiety drops down and we feel better instantly while coming across the first notes. ‘either way,’ we’ll find strength and courage to confront the difficulties we have. “‘Cos it’s halfway through November/The whole world tries to keep me under/But I said, either way, the sun gonna shine,” Arden Jones pleads on his latest single. Don’t give up, be tenacious, and don’t let the bad days come at ya. Good karma can show up anytime soon. The glorious guitar riffs attract us to a positive minding and we got the whole power and control on how our life beats with the wonderful rhythms of the song! Stream Arden Jones’ ‘either way’ here!

Are you on the softer or badder side? Maybe you do what you want ‘either way’ as our new pop prince shouts in his song? Share your experiences with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram

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Featured Image Source: courtesy of Atlantic Records

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