Milky Chance’s Trip Tape Is Perfect For The Road

Milky Chance’s Trip Tape Is Perfect For The Road

Will you steal the dance in the crowd? You may have an occasion to do so very soon! German duet Milky Chance’s Trip Tape is a huge road trip we’ll all fall for. Three years from Mind the Moon later, the indie-poppers are back to explore the ‘Colorado’ lands and have some fun revamping some big hits.

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Get In The Car!

Can we get in the backseat? Be the passenger of a nearly 40 minutes voyage with the pop duet on Milky Chance’s Trip Tape. Kicking it off with their latest single ‘Colorado,’ they decided to sprinkle our lives with tasty covers. In the last year and during the lockdown, they realized there were pretty good pop and rock tunes around! Milky Chance had fun with various renditions of the biggest tracks in the world from Nirvana’s ‘Lithium’ to Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI’s ‘Stay’ on their official TikTok. How to bring magic to their fans? Mixing demos and making their versions of summer hits is the key!

Ride The World!

Milky Chance found their way to stardom with ‘Stolen Dance’ and, since, they never cease to poke at us with fun beats and pop gems. We loved to “Ridin’ rollercoaster ’til I see the sunrise” with the duet. Wanna sing along some ‘Levitating’ version of Dua Lipa tracks? Burning flames with Rosalià and Bad Bunny Latin indie reinvention? You got this on the infectious Milky Chance’s Trip Tape mixtape! It includes lots of festive tracks, remixes, and never before heard demos! Press play and drive on the yellow brick road below! Get it on the platform of your choice here!

Which dream track do you wish Milky Chance Trip Tape had? Any songs that are missing? Let us know what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

Start your engines and get more music for your road trip here!


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