Simple Plan’s ‘The Antidote’ For The Cold Days Is Here!

Simple Plan’s ‘The Antidote’ For The Cold Days Is Here!

We’re more than happy today! Our beloved Montreal, Canada, pop-punk band is back! Following a collab with We The Kings and State Champs, Simple Plan’s ‘The Antidote’ comes right through to cheer us up! The first track from the long-awaited sixth album from Pierre Bouvier and friends is ‘Perfect!’

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‘Save Me’

Fans are the pillars of bands! As Michael Clifford from 5SOS once said back in 2013: “Real bands save fans, real fans save bands.” It’s still true in 2021 for Pierre Bouvier and his friends. On Simple Plan’s ‘The Antidote’ teaser on the band’s TikTok, they pay a brilliant tribute to the thousands of fans who go to their concerts each and every day! The band had tough times like many of us and they wanted to show that it’s important to have someone or something we can rely on! The good news, the gigs are back for the band as they just announced a joint tour with The Offspring! Need details? All the dates and info to score your chance to jam on a wonderful pop-punk night in North America are here. Don’t miss it, as Simple Plan used to sing, it’s going to be ‘Crazy!’

A Nostalgic Hit!

When it’s all too much/And I feel like I’m about to break/You always come around/And the darkness fades away, fades away,” Simple Plan’s ‘The Antidote’ goes on like strong medicine. Twenty years after taking the pop-punk world by storm, we reminisce about their first album No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls. Who remembers how they acted like ‘I’m Just A Kid’ with Green Day-inspired smashing melodic and loud guitars?

Like a poison filling my veins/You’re the antidote, ” represents how music assembles us in a huge family. The songs of Simple Plan unite us despite the ‘Jet Lag.’ We are in love with the energetic riffs and banging drums. The band gets back to their old punk vibes that we can’t get enough of. After Taking One For The Team in the pop world, they go back to their roots. Nostalgia, where are you? It’s not so far away with this new exciting material. Get ‘The Antidote’ here!

What do you consider as ‘The Antidote’ to your life? Any type of music that makes you feel better? We urge you to add Simple Plan’s discography to your playlist! Tell us what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

We’re so excited about new music right now! Want to dig some more sounds from every horizon as ‘The Antidote’ to your life? Get some drops here!


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