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We’re Getting A Macklemore Album ‘Next Year,’ So Let’s Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

We’re Getting A Macklemore Album ‘Next Year,’ So Let’s Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Shark Face Gang, it’s our time to shine! Macklemore is back and better than ever, and for the first time since This Unruly Mess I’ve Made, he’s joined once again by Ryan Lewis! ‘Next Year’ is just the start of a new musical journey we’re all about to go on with Macklemore!

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Macklemore talked to Apple Music all about ‘Next Year’ and we have to talk about that conversation! He spoke to Zane Lowe about Ryan Lewis and catching up after six years saying “And, you know Ryan, that’s my brother. And he’s just so talented. So I heard this in the very infancy demo stage and I was like, “That’s a record. You should send me that.” And when we got in the studio, a little bit nervous, it’s been a long time. A lot of things there in between. And we just connected, man. It was just that back right there like we always have been. I don’t think that I’ve spent more time with anyone else than I have with Ryan.” Macklemore also explained how the two people in his life he gets nervous to play music for, are his wife and daughter saying “Some people are going to resonate. Some people aren’t. Some people love it. Some people hate it. I’m aware of that, but you want your family to enjoy what you’re creating. And it’s not the case.”

You can listen to the full conversation here!

To celebrate the release of ‘Next Year’ we’re going to take you down memory lane and talk about our top five favorite Macklemore songs!

‘Growing Up’

If you want a good cry, listen to ‘Growing Up’ featuring one of our absolute favorites, Ed Sheeran. The song acts as a love letter and a guidebook for Macklemore’s first daughter, Sloane. The lyrics to this song are beyond beautiful and show that undying love parents should hold for their kids, they also show so much honesty about fears new parents have, and values they hope their kids hold.

‘Light Tunnels’

If we’re talking about honesty in a song we have to talk about ‘Light Tunnels’ off of This Unruly Mess I’ve Made. The song is a look into the facade behind events like the GRAMMYs. If you’ll remember in 2014 Macklemore and Ryan Lewis swept the GRAMMYs, a lot of this track is a commentary on that night, it’s our highlight from this flawless album.

‘The Town’

‘The Town’ is pure hometown love. Macklemore hails from Seattle, and it’s very clear from ‘The Town’ that he will never lose the love he has for the place that raised him up before the general public did. This may be one of the earlier Macklemore songs, but it still holds up.

‘Good Old Days’ ft. Kesha

‘Good Old Days’ makes us want to relish every moment as if it was our last. Between the flow that Macklemore has that never misses, and Kesha’s voice that is arguably one of the strongest in the industry, ’Good Old Days’ feels like the warmest hug.

‘Cowboy Boots’

‘Cowboy Boots’ is a song we’d imagine playing at a pub. And we can’t get enough of it. The track hails from The Heist and is a complete smash. It’s the song on the record we find ourselves continuing to come back to, besides just the radio singles like ‘Thrift Shop’ or ‘Same Love.’

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