Lorde Is Breathing Life Into Our Fall With A New Dose of Solar Power

Lorde Is Breathing Life Into Our Fall With A New Dose of Solar Power

Solar Power ruled our last moments of summer. We cried, we danced, and we fell completely in love with what a once-in-a-lifetime artist Lorde is all over again. Just when seasonal depression was hitting, Lorde decided to bless us with two bonus tracks. We are still getting over ‘The Man with the Axe,’ and now we have to process ‘Helen of Troy,’ and ‘Hold No Grudge.’ So, mind your business when you hear us blasting the deluxe version of Solar Power like it’s the fleeting end of summer again. If Solar Power wasn’t already our favorite album of the year, it most certainly is now. These tracks take the album to a whole other level.

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‘Hold No Grudge’

Stream ‘Hold No Grudge’ here!

‘Hold No Grudge’ is the perfect fall track from an album that at points feels so sun-soaked. Lorde could not have chosen a better track to release on this deluxe version of Solar Power. If you need us, we will be taking nightly late drives with ‘Hold No Grudge’ playing in the background. It just perfectly matches the vibe.

‘Helen of Troy’

Stream ‘Helen of Troy’ here!

‘Helen of Troy’ is another incredibly vibey track. Both of these bonus tracks were so perfectly plucked and matched with the current season immensely well. We think this track might just be the most beautiful, vocally on the entire record.

We would love to hear from you! Where do these two bonus tracks rank in comparison to the standard tracks on Solar Power for you? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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