‘Nothing Feels Better’ Than Pink Sweat$’ New Bop!

‘Nothing Feels Better’ Than Pink Sweat$’ New Bop!

It’s cool to see us living ‘La Vie En Rose’ like French’s legend Edith Piaf sings. Modern r’n’b singer Pink Sweat$’ ‘Nothing Feels Better’ sends us to heaven in the colourful clouds! Put your unicorn glasses and feel the good vibes!

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Let Happiness Flow!

Pink is that color! Let the happiness flow with Pink Sweat$’ ‘Nothing Feels Better.’All those kisses and hugs, wake me up in the morning/Forever, I’m yours, just know that I’m all in/’Cause nothing feels bеtter than you,” the Philly singer croons to make us feel loved! It’s easy to say ‘I Feel Good’ with the trippy grooves. Do you know what’s more blissful? Do you ever dream of a duet with that positive swing Pink Sweat$ offers? Scroll over his Instagram. There are so many colourful reels to connect in full with his fun and catchy tracks while waiting for his next EP.

The Laws Of Attraction!

Would you sacrifice yourself for the one you love? “I want you more than just a night/I’d die for you, I give my life and I realize
I’m right where I should be at
,” Pink Sweat$’ ‘Nothing Feels Better’ kicks in with swag and enthusiastic lines. Would you think that school is a romantic and amazing place? Send notes to your friends and show the attraction. How to control our feelings? ‘Nothing Feels Better’ than the smooth guitar intro and the warm beats that envelops our soul. In between hip hop lullabies and pop, we can say that Pink Sweat$ knows the deal. Land on the Pink Planet now. Click here.

What makes you feel good lately? Is Pink Sweat$ part of it? For us, it is indeed! Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

Groove to the new music wave here!


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