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6 Sam Kim Songs That Are A Must For Your Playlist

6 Sam Kim Songs That Are A Must For Your Playlist

Dear Honey Poppers who are as into K-POP as we are. Did you hear? Our lord and savior of K-Drama OSTs and smooth R&B bops Sam Kim is working on a new song. How long do we have to wait, you may ask? A birdie told us the song may drop in January 2022 and that he is working on the track alongside the R3HAB. Now we may not know much but we do know that this is going to be a dance banger that will sweeten the beginning of the year.

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In Sam Kim we trust, for quality music again and again. Yes, the new song is still a couple of months away but thankfully we have Sam Kim’s discography to carry us through the wait. New to Sam Kim or want to rediscover old favorites? Good for you, we got six Sam Kim songs for you that your playlist cannot be missing. Come along besties.


‘SEATTLE’ came to us on Sam Kim’s 2016 debut EP Sam Kim and we have listened to this every night before sleep, in the process of sleep, and while crying ourselves to sleep. Kidding.. unless? No, but for real this song is too beautiful not to include. Sam has got the voice!

‘The Juice’

After crying about the voice here comes ‘The Juice.’ Sam Kim knows how to deliver a summer single and this groovy banger was the perfect pick us up for our post-lockdown summer. This just proves that Sam can pull off any genre. The orange hair btw? A look!

‘Who Are You’

Could we do this list without including one of Sam’s most iconic OSTs? No, we honestly could not. ‘Who Are You’ is legendary at this point and a must-listen for all K-Drama and Sam Kim fans. Goblin has been such a moment in K-Drama history and this OST transports us right back to that time. (The YouTube views do all the talking here.)

‘These Walls’

Another 2021 single by our favorite singer. ‘These Walls’ is such a stripped-back yet groovy and feel-good song with lyrics we should all take to heart and live by. Sam Kim takes us on a journey with his voice and it is such a joyous ride to be on. Come join us.

‘Love Me Like That’

Oh, another Sam Kim OST? Yes, that’s right. Sam Kim’s latest OST was for the Netflix drama Nevertheless and is probably the biggest reason why we tuned into that drama week after week. ‘Love Me Like That’ is just way too catchy and we are not sure what Sam put into this song but we are hooked on it and keep hitting replay.

‘Think About’ Chu’

You put Sam and Loco in a room and R&B magic happens. ‘Think About’ Chu’ is the song to listen to on chill evenings, with a nice cup of the beverage of your choice, a candle burning, and you are just vibing. ‘Think About’ Chu’ is the perfect song to end this list with. You are welcome.

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How excited are you about Sam Kim’s upcoming single? What’s your favorite Sam Kim song? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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