Valerie Broussard’s Voyager Lifts You To Another World!

Valerie Broussard’s Voyager Lifts You To Another World!

Do you want to escape to the other side of the world? What about hiding in the infinity and beyond? Valerie Broussard’s Voyager tells us to pack our bags, while bringing you four tracks and a journey to freedom and love. From folk glitter sounds to melancholia, we drive through Dorothy’s yellow brick road as we explore the universe with plenty of great new shiny music

Image Source: Ella Kern Kamp

Drive With Valerie!

The American singer lifts us on her track ‘Drive’ with lyrics such as, “Cause I been waiting all of my life/To feel the way that I do tonight/To have you on the passenger side/And drive (drive).” Valerie Broussard’s Voyager is so diverse, from upbeat guitar inviting songs to deep ballads. On ‘Drive’ we feel the Mumford and Sons or Sam Hunt country vibes. Her crystalline vocals make it so catchy, and we wish we could take a ‘Drive’ with the star while listening to all four tracks! When country meets pop, it clashes wonderfully. Produced by The Gifted and Kasbo, the breakthrough artist brings all kinds of shivering emotions through her uplifting songs.

Grow Like A ‘Wildflower’

You may be familiar with the Philadelphia-born musician’s work. Are you a follower of Greys’ Anatomy? Seattle Grace hospital had ‘Faith’ playing in her ethereal guitar strums. On Valerie Broussard’s Voyager, we explore the same folk aesthetic. “Don’t you worry about you and me/We’ll bloom under midnight ceilings/Yeah, we’ll grow anywhere we’re free/Like wildflowers on a summer evening,” she croons on ‘Wildflowers.’ We blossom through the melody, in this Nina Nesbitt inspired acoustic universe. “Voyager/Out there touching the stars/Passenger/Going wherever you are,” she invited us on her title track. With her dreamy melancholia, we only want to accompany her on this incredible journey. Embark on your Star Trek vessel and stream Valerie Broussard’s Voyager here.

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Take your keys to freedom and be a Voyager. Find more music for your road trip here!


Featured Image Source: Lauren Dunn

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