‘Call Me A Dreamer’ Kings Elliot Cries Softly In The Air!

‘Call Me A Dreamer’ Kings Elliot Cries Softly In The Air!

Wishes and expectations can come true. Sometimes though, we are deceived by what happens and we still live in our little world. Kings Elliot’s ‘Call Me A Dreamer’ shares her inner thoughts about losing the love of her life, trying to keep afloat. Is the sun warm where you are? Are you stuck in your ethereal bedtime stories?

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Feverish Melodies

Caught in a fever/Tryna deceive myself/That you stayed/When you left,” the British rising star confesses on her new track. Kings Elliot’s ‘Call Me A Dreamer’ is another wonderful acoustic gem she gave us. Do you love the Billie Eilish silky aesthetic? The heavyweight melodies and sensibility expressions melt our hearts. The magnificent ballads hook us and we love these Lorde-infused poetic strides. Who counts the days till Kings Elliot puts the Chaos In this My Court? The new EP is due for release on December 1st. We’re already saving our fiver for it!

Feel The Warm Sounds!

Life is a rollercoaster. Music is our therapeutic way to cope. When she writes the song, Kings Elliot’s ‘Call Me A Dreamer’ helped the singer to process her struggles. The track will obviously feature on many podcasts this season. This is the perfect song to listen to while on a cocooning session with a soothing cup of tea. “I had all that I want/Felt the warmth of the sun/Now it’s gone
Gone like the hope you would stay
,” she croons with that voice that makes us soft. There is hope, but we should face the reality. Be a dreamer and listen to this rising track! Stream Kings Elliot ‘Call Me A Dreamer’ here.

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