Travis Opens The Secret BBC Archives Box

Travis Opens The Secret BBC Archives Box

‘Why does it always rain on me?’ That’s the existential question we all ask an answer for! Glasgow Britpop band Travis ‘Follow The Light’ and enlighten your dark days with their upcoming The Invisible Band 20th anniversary boxset. Cheer up and raise your glass to Travis’ BBC live sets and timeless memories.

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A Ton Of Surprises!

All the young dudes (Hey dudes)/Carry the news (Where are you?),” Travis serenaded the crowd at the Glasgow Barrowlands in 2001. We still stay kids at heart twenty years later! It’s one of these brilliant covers they did throughout their career. Our mind floods listening along with their unbeatable Britney Spears’ ‘…Baby One More Time’ acoustic guitar version. The Britpop legends put so much energy to feed us with great content! Travis BBC sessions and exclusives live performances could be yours real soon! Preorder The Invisible Band boxset here and get a ton of surprises from revamped tracks to never before heard masters.

Sweet Lullabies

What do you love about the Britpop era? Are you more with the edgy guitars or the easy melancholia? The Scottish band is amongst the ones who influenced many of our favs from emerging artist Finn Askew to Jake Bugg. Travis BBC versions of ‘Driftwood’ and ‘Flowers In The Window’ are pure folk delights. Twinkling like little stars, the guitars shine melodically. “Wow, look at you now/Flowers in the window/It’s such a lovely day/And I’m glad you feel the same,” joyfully sings Fran Healy. Love, hope and positivity, that’s the key when we listen to The Invisible Band. The cheerful Britpop Scottish legends put together catchy riffs, sad and sweet lullabies, all produced by Nigel Godrich, the man behind Radiohead’s best works. Don’t miss the celebrations and get your tickets for the US tour here!

How’s the ‘Driftwood’ feel beneath your feet? What do you think about what you heard so far? Stream The Invisible Man sessions here! Tell us your first impressions on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

The legends of Britpop are quite active these days celebrating their amazing work. For more content, hit the button here!


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