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4 Of Our Favorite Things About Oneus’ Blood Moon

4 Of Our Favorite Things About Oneus’ Blood Moon

K-Pop boy group Oneus is back with their sixth mini-album Blood Moon! The EP features a total of seven tracks, with ‘Luna’ as the lead single. Blood Moon releases only two days after Oneus held an online and offline concert titled Oneus Theatre: Blood Moon in Seoul.

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Oneus' Blood Moon concept photo
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

The concept of Oneus’ Blood Moon is everything! We at THP adore traditional and historical K-Pop concepts, and Oneus can pull it off so easily. From the art and music to the outfits, this group absolutely slays in their new mini-album. Here are four of our favorite things about Oneus’ latest comeback!

Oneus' Blood Moon teaser
Image Source: RBW Entertainment

The Title Track And Music Video

We can never get enough of Oneus’ title tracks, but ‘Luna’ raises the bar even higher! The music video visuals are insanely beautiful, and the backgrounds make us feel like we’re in a dream. Their traditional outfits alternating with modern ones fit the feel of the song so well. And the use of fans in the choreography? On top of the dance break? Truly the icing on the cake for us.

A Bangin’ Intro

The intro ‘Window’ mixes modern rap with traditional singing and storytelling, and we are obsessed with it! Oneus also features Choi Yerim, a traditional singer whose vocals add so much depth to the song. Something about this intro makes us want to conquer the world. Basically, you need this song in your playlist of bangers.

Two Pre-Released Songs

As you may have seen, Oneus released a series of songs, music videos, and performance videos called Oneus Theatre over the last few months. What we didn’t know was that the masterpieces ‘Life Is Beautiful’ and ‘Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!’ would be featured on Oneus’ new mini-album too!

The Vibes In ‘Who You Are’

‘Who You Are’ is one of our favorite songs on Blood Moon. We’ve been waiting for Oneus to have a smooth R&B song, and ‘Who You Are’ really does it for us. They sing about those times when you don’t know what kind of relationship you have with someone. Are you friends, lovers, or neither? We’d love to see a live performance of this song one day!

Call us biased, but we think Oneus is one of the most underrated K-Pop boy groups today. They are talented and hardworking, and their mini-album Blood Moon deserves so many awards! If you haven’t gotten into Oneus yet, give their newest comeback a listen!

Oneus' Blood Moon outfits
Top row left to right: Leedo, Seoho, Ravn, Xion. Bottom row: Keonhee, Hwanwoong (Image Source: Oneus via Twitter)

What’s your favorite part of Oneus’ Blood Moon? Let us know @TheHoneyPop on Twitter! And check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

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Featured Image Source: RBW Entertainment

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