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7 Japanese Songs By K-POP Groups You Should Listen To

7 Japanese Songs By K-POP Groups You Should Listen To

You thought when you got into K-POP it stopped with the artists’ Korean discography? Oh no! Besides having multiple comebacks a year in Korea, some groups are also actively promoting in Japan. They do so by either releasing completely original music, Japanese versions of their Korean songs, or a combination of both. We will never complain about more music, to be honest, give it all to us and keep it coming.

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This year has been packed with fantastic Japanese releases already and this week alone has given us new music already. TXT just dropped an entirely new Japanese EP called Chaotic Wonderland headed by the Japanese version of the bop of the century ‘0X1=LOVESONG.’ But that’s not all! SEVENTEEN just announced a new special Japanese single called ‘AINOCHIKARA (POWER OF LOVE)’ to complete their 2021 Power of ‘Love’ project, out December 8th. We are so excited!

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With so much amazing Japanese music by some of our favorite K-POP acts coming, it was only right for us to break down seven of our favorite Japanese releases for you. Let’s go!!

TXT – ‘0X1=LOVESONG (Japanese Ver.)’

Duh, of course, we had to include the brand new version of TXT’s song of the year (we are calling it). The song can be found on the boys’ first Japanese EP alongside Japanese versions of ‘MOA Diary,’ ‘Magic,’ and Japanese original song ‘Ito’ (a beautiful ballad by the way). We don’t care about the language ‘0X1=LOVESONG‘ always slaps!

SHINee – ‘Superstar’

The last official group release we got from our all-time favorite group SHINee before Taemin had to enlist. ‘Superstar’ is the most fun and upbeat song you will get to hear this week. It just does not fail to put a smile on your face! Try it, yourself.

Stray Kids – ‘Scars’

You know us honey bees won’t ever miss an opportunity to include SKZ somewhere in our lists and ‘Scars‘ did kind of save the year, so here it is. Stray Kids have pumped out so much music this year and it was always of top quality. This Japanese release just further proves our point. Enjoy.

Dreamcatcher – ‘Breaking Out’

This gem isn’t from this year but it aged like fine wine and belongs rightfully on this list. Our Queens never cease to amaze us on a daily and while we are obsessed with their Korean music, their Japanese songs are not short of fantastic either.

SEVENTEEN – ‘Fallin’ Flower’

With a new release coming up by our favorite 13-member group we couldn’t not include one of their Japanese songs. ‘Fallin’ Flower’ has basically carried us on its back since its release. Those harmonies are no joke.

ATEEZ – ‘Dreamers’

Another monster boy group we are obsessed with. ATEEZ never seem to rest and keep feeding us with new stuff constantly, you’d think they wouldn’t tackle the Japanese market with original music as well but they are doing it and it sounds so, so good.

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Twice – ‘Perfect World’

We had to end this list with our favorite girls! Twice do not have a bad song and ‘Perfect World’ absolutely hit us in the face when it dropped. We had never heard the girls like this before and we hope they never stop surprising us.

That’s it for now honey poppers. What’s your favorite Japanese song by a K-POP group? What do you think about ‘0X1=LOVESONG (Japanese Ver.)?’ How excited are you for new SEVENTEEN Japanese music? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment.

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