Finn Askew’s Tokyo Trip Will Cause Some Fun!

Finn Askew’s Tokyo Trip Will Cause Some Fun!

Do you fancy going on a trip? You can do it easily from the comfort of your home! We’re very thankful for Finn Askew’s Tokyo EP! Escape through a mixed hip hop and folk guitar mood on the rising singer‘s new record. 20 minutes of pure grooves, that’s all we have to say!

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The Hip Hop Dreams

Am I in my dreams? ‘Cause I’m living like a rockstar/Rock hard, on the sofa, out my face, playing guitar,” Finn Askew raps on ‘Adidas’ wearing out the three white stripes. We’re jamming to these Post Malone-infused dark rhymes. Despite his young age, Finn Askew’s Tokyo is an ode to pop culture and memories. From clothing style to iconic music, he sways through with amazing beats. “Cinderella shoe, I’ma make it fit/I’s a charming man but I ain’t no Smith,” he croons on ‘Cherry Bomb.’ The West England charismatic newcomer knows how to attract you with his loving lullabies. Living on the fast lane, we juggle through James Blake’s jazzy vibes and hip-hop soul of Lloyd P-White while listening to Finn’s new material.

Find The Zen In You!

My daffodil/You’re losing all your petals but you keep it real/And all I want to know is do you love me still,” Finn Askew’s Tokyo EP song ‘Daffodil’s chorus comes in. The young English poet creates gorgeous metaphors about the fragility of life. Who would crave a duet with YUNGBLUD one day? This is the perfect fit indeed. The guitar straws unleash all the emotions. Calm yourself. Humanity is not always ‘Grey.’ Sometimes, it can shine. Find your plenitude in Tokyo. Crumble under the grooves and keep dancing to the sexy tones. Learn to accept yourself and face the reality. The new EP is the unexpected voyage to seduction and freedom. Stream Tokyo EP here!

What is your dream destination? Which Finn Askew track would you bring to a desert island? Tell us your secrets on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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