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The Bees Knees Eclectic Program Is Out!

The Bees Knees Eclectic Program Is Out!

What’s on The Bees Knees program this week? We’re so curious about artists on the rise that we’ve pulled together such an eclectic menu for you! All the good vibes in one! Scroll down to learn more about what’s buzzing at The Honey POP headquarters lately!

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Plus Feat. Son Little – ‘Feel So Heavy’

Do you sometimes ‘Feel So Heavy?’ Is your relationship making you anxious and weighing you down? Los Angeles-based newcomer Plus is one of our new heartbreakers on The Bees Knees program this week. His dark and captivating electronic loops intertwine with R’n’B and hip-hop soulful vibes. The collab with Son Little is the quintessence of pop today. Are there any Pink Sweat$ fans out here? If you love swaying and slow-paced rhythmic anthems, Plus and Son Little is the perfect playlist match for you! The video drives us to many stages of relationships, from fights to making things up bright again. We might ‘Feel So Heavy,’ but with perseverance, we learn to forgive. Feel the grooves here!

Rebel Kicks – ‘We Should Go Missing’

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Attention The Vaccines and The Strokes fans! Your new fav project shines on The Bees Knees program this week! Rebel Kicks ‘We Should Go Missing’ clingy guitars are a source of happiness. “We should be missing/Let’s get lost together/Don’t need a reason/Just get some distance,” the band kicks on the escaping chorus. Take your free spirit soul away and only enjoy the good times! Fans of Walk The Moon would love the dynamic NYC duo. Rebel Kicks offers us to embark on the modern epic journey aside from The Killers’ ‘Mr. Brightside.’ So energetic, we have the infectious chorus stuck in our minds. We are so ready to sing it along at some festival! Get your hands on ‘We Should Be Missing’ and start your engines for a proper getaway here!

Jennie Harluk – ‘The Fool’

In your passenger seat, didn’t wanna believe/All the rumours were true and it burns like Hennessy,” Jennie Harluk’s ‘The Fool’ bridge comes around in pop-country fusion. How are you able to love someone who can’t treat you right? The strong loving feeling makes us so blind that we are now ‘The Fool.’ With emotional twists as her Canadian fellow artist Lennon Stella, she brightens with all the deep emotions and her thrilling falsettos. In the elegant video shot by Isabella Morton, Jenny Harluk comes face to face with reality. We all know that we melt when someone we love brings flower bouquets but is this the reason we should forgive it all? Our The Bees Knees program this week fell in love with her velvety Griff-infused voice. She’s absolutely smashing it with her fairy notes. Don’t be ‘The Fool’ and stream the song here!

Near Tears – Get With The Program

How do you deal with shopping culture? Californian rising superstar Near Tears Get With The Program unveiled a new video for her EP title track. Mocking advertising TV shows, she brings fun visuals to her catchy pop tunes. If you like Haim, take a sneak peek of the Get With The Program record. May our ‘Love Under Surveillance’ affect us that much? “I look at him and say “Ads are the only thing that pays these days/Get with the program!” Near Tears spills the tea on her song. Our lives are scrutinized for better or worse and she’s representing it deeply with her latest video clip! Fans of The Greeting Committee will absolutely be hooked to the fantastic basslines. The EP boosts our batteries with amazing thumping beats. Dry your tears and Get With The Program here.

Dune Rats – ‘UP’

Rock on your life with this new track from the Australian trio Dune Rats. The joyful guitars spread around with infectious riffs on the new single ‘UP’. It’s easy to tap our feet to the ground. “(We’re getting up late) waking up late nearly all of the time/pure satisfaction till we’re all feeling fine,” they chant on the viral chorus loaded of sunshine melodies. Do you like the Twenty One Pilots trademark? You will love Dune Rats’ eclectic summer pop vibes. The video directed by Nathalie Sims is our bundle of joy. Their choreography shoot in their Brisbane hometown is so addictive. We only want to get in the television screen to join the party. Spend all your tax return money in what makes you happy! It’s time to raise your hands ‘UP’ in the air! Stream here!

Grace Carter – ‘Dark Matter’

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The family ties us up! Sometimes, it’s not as easy as it seems though. The Bees Knees program tips Grace Carter’s ‘Dark Matter’ this week. “This is just a letter I could write so much that my fingers they start bleeding/When I think of all you’ve done it’s so hard to be honest, hard to be honest,” she croons to her absent dad. We have to learn to let go of these people who are never close to us and rely on our thoughts. She penned a powerful and soulful deeply emotional track and we can’t thank her enough. Inspired by Adele‘s soothing voice, Grace Carter’s cutting-edge melodies hypnotize us. With powerful words, we surf on surreal jazzy tones that make us feel better. Stream ‘Dark Matter’ here.

Caroline Romano – ‘Ireland In 2009’

Ready for a cinematic flight? Caroline Romano drops a Cherrybomb and has penned this wonderful pop single lately. Inspired by the Rupert Grint-starring movie (hello Potterheads!), she penned ‘Ireland In 2009,’ landing in Belfast through superb melodies. “Look at you asleep on the floor/By the mattress in the middle of the door/I just woke up from an all-night war/In my school clothes from the day before,” she lulls with a crystal clear voice. Love is free, innocent and pure! The inspiration of Oh Wonder‘s cute guitars keeps us entertained with her piece of art. Caroline Romano showcases the different faces of love, from rivalries to free-spirited feelings on ‘Ireland In 2009.’ We can’t get enough of the blissful guitar strings mixed with the angsty drums. Book your trip to Ireland here!

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Elle L – ‘Higher’

Do you need some challenge right now? The Bees Knees program recommends electro-pop ascending artist Elle L. The London-based singer blends euphoric electro elements around uplifting rhymes. “Together we can go a little higher,” she repeats on later single ‘Higher’ and this stays in our minds forever. Her lovely voice and harmonies please every Stan of Little Mix in us. The stellar guitars give us all the strength to overcome all the fears that burn inside. Her vocals, soft like chocolate, remind us of Jessie Ware and the soul queens we had in the past. No matter what happens, we should take risks and keep it with a positive twist. The visuals from Jack Zhang, who previously directed Dua Lipa and Elton John’s cartoon video ‘Cold Heart,’ bring us through a world full of magic. Don’t be afraid to reach new heights! Stream Elle L’s ‘Higher’ here.

Which song drove you crazy today? Did one of these tracks catch your attention this week? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

Do you want to surf on the new music wave? We got the right songs to fill your needs here, busy bees!

Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/THP Graphic Team

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