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Here Are The Zodiacs Of B.I’s COSMOS

Here Are The Zodiacs Of B.I’s COSMOS

Welcome IDs, we are here again as fellow Hanbin enthusiasts living our best ID life as B.I drops his brand new half album COSMOS today. No, we are not okay, how do you expect us to be with Hanbin dropping another album full of perfection? We can’t believe that so soon after WATERFALL, Hanbinnie is back with another album and seven new songs! How do we cope? We scream, that’s right.

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But honestly, Hanbin is now free to release as many albums and songs as he wants to, and we are here to take it and enjoy it all, even if we haven’t recovered from that fantastic online concert in October nor the previous releases. Our bodies were ready to escape to Hanbin’s COSMOS again, and it is beautiful here. Since we are so overjoyed and overwhelmed by this new release by one of our favorite idols, we have struggled to pick a favorite from the album; we thought, why not match each of COSMOS‘ songs to the zodiac signs to make the choice a bit easier.

If you don’t know which song to listen to first or which is your favorite, like us, then come along and find the one fitting your zodiac. Oh, and also, make sure you get your dose of COSMOS here.

‘Alive’ – Capricorn & Taurus

You put two Earth signs in a room, and the tension and competitiveness rise. Both of you are so honest sometimes it hurts, but you still know how to be loyal to your friends. Don’t forget, besides working for your dreams to feel ‘Alive’ sometimes! Hanbin said it all with this song.

‘NINETEEN’ – Virgo & Aquarius

The best zodiac combination, in our humble opinion. Virgo and Aquarius make the best of friends, and y’all balance each other and your faults out perfectly. So be it that you were friends since you were ‘NINETEEN’ or just met. The connection is there instantly, and you both also know how to be alone and give each other space. And that’s what you feel through this B.I masterpiece as well!

‘COSMOS’ – Pisces & Scorpio

‘COSMOS’ is probably every ID’s favorite song off of COSMOS, but honestly, the Pisces and Scorpios among you know how to love intensely. Since ‘COSMOS’ is the love song we all wish someone would dedicate to us this is your song. So, own it, and let’s agree Hanbin does not know how to make a bad song.

‘NERD’ Feat. Colde – Sagittarius & Gemini

Hanbin and Colde in a room? Magic happens! Sagittarius and Gemini in a room? Even more magic happens! There is nothing wrong with being a ‘NERD,’ so don’t be ashamed of yourself and what you love! Live it out and be a true ‘NERD’ as Hanbin says during the chorus!

‘Lover’ – Cancer & Libra

Libra and Cancer are both fantastic caregivers and lovers, so obviously, a sweet song like ‘Lover’ is bound to be your favorite. With all the caregiving and compassion you give to others, don’t forget to love yourself sometimes. Hanbin dropped a fantastic song for you, so listen.

‘Flame’ – Lion & Aries

From the first moment we heard ‘Flame’ through COSMOS Message Film #1 we knew this would be lit, especially for those among us under the fire signs Aries and Lion. ‘Flame’ is so full of Hanbin’s power that we can’t stop replaying the video, nor should anyone else. Try it out.

‘Buddy Buddy’ – All Zodiacs

‘Buddy Buddy’ might be a CD exclusive track, but we can still tell that this will be everyone’s secret favorite. For this absolute jam, all of us should come together and celebrate Hanbin’s achievements so far, with many more to come. Let’s be each other’s best ‘Buddy Buddy!’

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Of course, we are just suggesting which song is your favorite or which you should listen to first. So what is your favorite song on COSMOS? Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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