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5 Eric Nam Things We Wouldn’t Want In ‘Any Other Way’

5 Eric Nam Things We Wouldn’t Want In ‘Any Other Way’

Eric Nam, do you want Nam Nation dead? Serious question because we can’t handle the amount of music you keep throwing our way! And now we didn’t only get the new single ‘Any Other Way,’ but we also got the release date for There And Back Again. January 7th. So, hurry up, we got things to do!! And in things, we mean jamming to Eric’s music, waiting for our concert tickets to the There And Back Again World Tour to arrive.

2022 is about to be Eric’s year. We can basically smell it! The new single calls for a proper celebration of our favorite soloist and what other way to do so than break down our favorite things Eric has done recently! Come along, besties.

Eric’s Dancing In ‘Any Other Way’

We would be lying if we said that Eric’s dancing isn’t one of our favorite things ever. Yes, we are expecting all the body rolls on tour! But before we get to enjoy that in all its glory, we got to see some of his moves during the ‘Any Other Way’ music video. Honestly, we have never seen anything more relatable – this is basically what we look like dancing through our rooms while ‘Any Other Way’ is blasting. Eric’s dancing is one of our favorite things Eric does!

Image Source: Twitter
Introducing Horse Ben

Okay, this isn’t particularly a thing Eric has done on his own, but we think horse Ben kind of stole the show during the music video for ‘Any Other Way.’ Eric looks like a real-life prince with his horse friend and we love that he shared its name with us! Ben Nation unite, we are ready to stan.

Image Source: @ericnamofficial on Twitter
Announcing The Album

We think everyone would agree that Eric finally giving us a date for There And Back Again kind of made our week. We might lose our patience a bit with the date being set only in January of 2022, but Nam Nation will make it through together! Only a bit less than two months to go till we get to hear this new masterpiece. And with it being Eric’s sophomore English album, this one is about to be a hit for sure since Eric Nam never misses.

Image Source: Courtesy of The Orchard
Going On A World Tour

With the world having been faced with this ongoing pandemic, live music was basically dead for the past two years. Now that we are slowly moving back into normality, artists are announcing tours, Eric being one of them. And what a tour he announced. You’d think he’d tour only in the US, but he is taking There And Back Again all around the world! You can tell everyone was very excited with tour dates selling out pretty fast. Luckily Eric is the best person alive and he upgraded some venues and added new dates. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you can do so here.

Image Source: @ericnamofficial on Twitter
Eric Using Twitter

Eric has been using Twitter a lot more to promote his upcoming and recent music and we are absolutely loving it. We feel like one of our parents is discovering the wonders of the internet and at the same time is our best friend. Btw Eric’s Twitter humor is on point! We want to be mutuals so badly Eric, please hear us out! It has been such a pleasure to get so much insight into Eric’s musical journey we hope he never stops using Twitter. Ever.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, make sure to stream ‘Any Other Way’ here. What’s your favorite thing Eric does? What did you think about ‘Any Other Way?’ Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of The Orchard & Kigon Kwak.

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