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Asher Monroe Exclusive: From TV to Broadway Dreams!

Asher Monroe Exclusive: From TV to Broadway Dreams!

How do artists jump from one career to another? Just live your passions. From Harry Styles to Lady Gaga acting in many movies, we love to see singers explore new fields throughout their careers. The Honey POP had the chance to speak with FAME actor and singer-songwriter Asher Monroe on his new projects and inspirations!

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Do you dream to travel the world but you can’t afford it? We have a solution for you without spending any coins. Escaping through music is what the Virginia-born artist wants to show on ‘Wanderlust’ and his upcoming album Windows Of Time. Asher Monroe knows how to charm with his guitar riffs that transport us to our ‘Wildest Dreams’ as Taylor Swift sings. From melancholic and romantic beats to the uplifting chorus, we only can fall for it!

Is Asher Monroe’s face is familiar to you? If you are a fan of a few tv shows to binge-watch as The Mentalist and Parenthood or love movie musicals, you prob came across his wonderful talents. Walking his way on Broadway to FAME in between new recordings, learn more about Asher Monroe’s writing experiences with Ryan Tedder, his inspirational acting skills and more in this exclusive The Honey POP interview.

We love the fact that you’re a self-taught musician! Which instrument do you feel most comfortable writing songs with? Do you feel as though your songs receive different outcomes when switching between instruments?
I learned a little bit in the performing arts schools that I went to in New York City, but most of it didn’t stick for too long, especially the music theory. Also, I guess I was too young to take it seriously. I would say I’m a quick learner with instruments. For writing, I haven’t used guitar much, more for accompanying. I prefer to write on piano.

Is there a musician (past or present) who you feel compelled to model your career after? Is there anyone you look up to and if so, what parts of their career stand out?
In my early 20’s I used to model after Elvis Presley, but what does a modern Elvis even look like?! Music genres evolve and styles are constantly changing, so it’s never safe to model a career solely around something that has already been done. The key to originality is to be yourself, and sometimes it can take time to discover who you really are. Only now am I truly finding my sweet spot. At the end of the day, there was only one Elvis Presley, and there will only be one Asher Monroe.

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You share scenes about the world and different spots around it, and travelling… Is there any place in the world you dream of going to? If yes, why?
I’ve been to so many unique places, but there are still dozens more on my bucket list. Thailand, India, Iceland, New Zealand and Fiji islands are a few.

At the same time, you talk about the topic of getting out of your comfort zone. What advice would you tell someone who is trying to get out of it?
I would say the first step of getting out of a comfort zone is taking a leap of faith in the direction that you get butterflies, but still secretly get excitement from. I think there is always this stigma that we should shy away from things that make us nervous but I think we should lean into them.

In your song ‘Wanderlust’ you sing about the beauty of the world, what would you say is your favorite beautiful thing to see?
Meeting new people, learning about their backgrounds, trying new food, hearing different languages and accents and seeing all the beautiful nature around the world. There’s no one specific thing, it’s the overall experience that I love.

How would you describe the feeling that your song ‘Wanderlust’ brings you?
The song reminds me of all the reasons I love to travel, but it goes much deeper than just that. It teaches us to stay more in the moment. It teaches us to trust the process more and in following our instincts and letting go.

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As you have experience writing with Ryan Tedder — someone who most musicians would kill to collaborate with — who are some other artists you dream of possibly working with?
I hope to one day write with Ed Sheeran, sing a duet with Lady Gaga, or have Elton John play piano with me.

How did your writing experiences with Ryan Tedder and Akon amongst many others make you grow as a solo artist? Did you learn anything that sticks with you to this day?
Everyone has their own style and process of writing. Of course, some things such as the importance of melody, choruses’ are always the most important which Ryan taught me, basic song structure are things you learn along the way. I try to do what’s most comfortable for me at the moment. I usually start with a catchy melody and then follow with lyrics. Sometimes I write over tracks and other times I write over piano chords.

You’ve said you can’t imagine yourself doing anything but music. Let us ask you to imagine it. What would you be if you weren’t a musician?
I might have to take back that statement if I did ever say it. Music is one of my main passions but there are definitely side passions that I love. My fans would be most surprised that I’m a pretty good cook and interior designer. I don’t know if I would ever pursue those things a career but never say never. Music has gotten me through every door and it’s what I truly enjoy the most.

We’ve seen you around on our screens as an actor, in FAME and many drama series in the US. How do you juggle between both careers?
Juggling careers can be fun and exhausting at the same time. Early on in my career I was doing exactly that, but it got to a point where I couldn’t dedicate full time to one or the other. Almost like at a crossroad,you need to pick a direction. So, after FAME, I chose to take on music full time.

Speaking of acting and singing, is there any Broadway piece you would love to be in to bridge the two? Why would you choose that piece?
Even though it’s been on Broadway for some time, I would love to play the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. I have always loved the music and there are moments to show strong acting.

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As someone with quite a few acting roles under their belt, how is stepping into a character on the screen different from the headspace of a musician? Which do you prefer?
In the last number of years, I’ve started looking at music as playing roles. With music you can be anything you want, dress anyway and talk anyway. I think people accept you the more outlandish you are. Acting is given to you, you have to earn the right to be gifted a role. They both have similarities and differences, but I think music has more freedom,which is why I prefer it over acting. I say that now … and watch the next thing you see me is in some movie. I really do enjoy both.

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Has your acting career and music career helped each other? Are there any common things between the two careers that surprised you?
Yes, exposure from the big screen to small screens in your pocket, there are opportunities everywhere to be seen and heard. The more your present in people’s daily life, the more they become invested in getting to know you and your career. Music and acting allow the performer to do more than what’s on the page. For an Actor its conveying or portraying the words from a script in a certain light, and for a musician its taking the notes on the page and playing with meaning and passion.

Is there any advice you received that changed your life? Can you tell the THP readers?
The one thing I can say is that to many people give up on their dreams too early. Too many people fall into jobs that they don’t love. I’d rather risk everything to say I gave it my all then to look back and say why didn’t I just go for it. Life is too short to be unhappy, I love the phrase “no risk, no reward “.You will never know the outcome if you don’t take chances.

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What do you think about ‘Wanderlust’ and Asher Monroe’s inspirational quotes? Are you excited about his former and upcoming projects? Stream the song here and let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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