CHAII’s Pineapple Pizza Recipe Tastes Delicious

CHAII’s Pineapple Pizza Recipe Tastes Delicious

The flour is ready to cook! What do you prefer as your pizza toppings? For rising New Zealander’s CHAII, Pineapple Pizza is the answer! Discover the funniest ingredients on her new EP and learn the perfect recipes!

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Let’s Rap With A Bang!

On the road to SXSW next year, the New Zealand-based artist has lots in her bags. CHAII’s Pineapple Pizza EP is the epitome of creativity. Intertwining dark pop and groovy hip hop bars, she’s on the rise with her unique mixture of beats. Previously featured on our The Bees Knees’ radar tracks a few months ago, we’ll never ‘Get It Done’ with her infectious rhythms. Her lyrics are so catchy too!

You feel important/I feel imported/You look at me/The same way when I go out snorkelling,” she raps fiercely, knowing that we only should trust ourselves. Do you know what’s complicated? Relationships! People play with us at some point as she goes on the opening track, the single ‘Pineapple Pizza.’ “This is way too hard I’m feeling faded/And I’m done pretending to be patient/I would rather be alone/Not be played with,” she sways, giving it all up! The explosive rhymes are like ingredients in a mixer. They are delicious!

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Tasty Snacks!

Do we want to be rich? More than this, do you want to live a luxurious life when nothing is complicated? CHAII’s Pineapple Pizza EP is all your dreams come true. If you need something to lift your mood on your darkest days, the title track video can do the trick! Brilliantly choreographed, we only want to jump in the pool. The heat is on with the colorful dance moves. How to resist entering this magnificent manor courtyard? Get easy on your life and just enjoy the flow! Does anybody need a ‘Milkshake’ in the yard? Kelis fans would love this new artist aesthetic! Cut your fruits and sprinkle some toppings on your Pineapple Pizza here.

Do you like to eat Pineapple Pizza? Like it or not, we’re so over the moon with CHAII’s new record. Let us know what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

Do you feel sweet like sugar? Let’s hear some more bangers here!


Featured Image Source: Evan Xiao

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