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New Music Weekly: Peach PRC and More!

New Music Weekly: Peach PRC and More!

It’s that time of the week again! We are wrapping up the best in what’s new in music in our New Music Weekly article! We’ve got pop-punk, indie, and straight-up classic pop jams. What more could you ask for? Let’s jump right into it!

Wave System – Inside A Dream
Image Source: Lyric House LLC

Stream Inside A Dream here!

If you’re looking for an entire record that will make you feel like you’re floating, allow us to introduce you to Inside A Dream. Wave System is a duo that we can already tell will be taking over our listening history, especially with the title track ‘Inside A Dream.’

Mark Ambor – ‘Company’

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Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream ‘Company’ here!

There’s a reason people are looking to TikTok to see who the next up-and-coming artists are, and it’s because of artists that have gone viral on the platform like, Mark Ambor. This New Music Weekly, we’re sharing his newest record, ‘Company.’ You heard it here first, Mark Ambor is an indie-pop dream. One listen to ‘Company,’ and you will be hooked.

Jess Chalker – Hemispheres
Image Source: 528 Records

Stream Hemispheres here!

We’ve got a debut album to discuss this New Music Weekly! Jess Chalker has released the most beautiful, sonically cohesive pop record we’ve heard in a while. Front to back, you really get an idea of who Jess is through the music. Our favorite track has to be ‘Stupid Trick.’

Caroline Romano – ‘Ireland in 2009’

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Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream ‘Ireland in 2009’ here!

Caroline Romano is the artist our playlists have been missing! Her newest track, ‘Ireland in 2009’ is so full of angst, nostalgia, and everything we’re constantly looking for out of pop songs. ‘Ireland in 2009’ is straight out of an early 2000s film.

Cooper Phillip – ‘Boomerang’
Image Source: Alena Sable

Stream ‘Boomerang’ here!

Cooper Phillip has one of the most beautiful voices we’ve ever heard. Between this one in a million voice we’re getting to witness and the unbeatable vibes of ‘BOOMERANG,’ we can’t get enough.

Mirours – ‘Parallax’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Mirours” song=”Parallax”]

Image Source: Tooth and Nail Records

Stream ‘Parallax’ here!

‘Parallax’ is the alt-pop song of our god damn dreams. Just after one listen, we already consider this one of our favorite finds from this week’s New Music Weekly. What an absolute jam! Mirours needs to be on everyone’s radar.

Peach PRC – ‘Heavy’
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘Heavy’ here!

We have been obsessed with Peach PRC since first hearing ‘Blondes.’ ‘Heavy’ has made us even bigger fans! Truly such a vulnerable and heartbreaking track. The idea of being ‘heavy to hold’ is something so many of us can relate to. We are getting major ‘Liability’ by Lorde vibes.

KLP – ‘Eat The Runway’ ft. LaLa Ri

[apple_music_ad artist=”KLP” song=”Eat The Runway”]

Image Source: Medium Rare Recordings

Stream ‘Eat The Runway’ here!

From a vulnerable track like ‘Heavy’ to the ultimate night out track like ‘Eat The Runway,’ we have been fed well on this week’s New Music Weekly! KLP and LaLa Ri are brilliant collaborators, and ‘Eat The Runway’ is a brilliant celebration of drag culture. We’re so hoping this isn’t the end of them working together.

Max Leone – ‘Repeat Caller’
Image Source: Darkroom Records

Stream ‘Repeat Caller’ here!

Looking for a new alt-pop artist to fall in love with? We offer up Max Leone, his newest track, ‘Repeat Caller,’ is all the convincing you’ll need. You’ll have the track on repeat, pun intended.

JORDY – Mind Games

[apple_music_ad artist=”JORDY”]

Image Source: 300 Entertainment

Stream Mind Games here!

Okay, listen, Mind Games is pure genius artistry. We’ve heard so many debut albums, but JORDY might have crafted one of the best. Pop excellence is executed in this body of work, especially in the track ‘Long Distance.’

Micki Balder – A Feeling I Once Knew
Image Source: Pressed PR

Stream A Feeling I Once Knew here!

This entire EP, A Feeling I Once Knew, is the perfect project to fully immerse yourself in while fall is in full swing. While we love this entire EP, ‘Till I See You Again’ keeps making us cry, so naturally, we can’t stop listening.

Andreas Moe – All Our Worries Are Poems

[apple_music_ad artist=”Andreas Moe” song=”All Our Worries Are Poems”]

Image Source: Pressed PR

Stream All Our Worries Are Poems here!

What a voice!!! Andreas Moe is bringing the most beautiful vibes to our New Music Weekly wrap-up. We could allow ourselves to drift off with how peaceful this record is, especially with our absolute favorite track, ‘Through & Through.’ Andreas Moe is right up there with artists like George Ezra and James Bay.

Elly Tess – ‘Sad Girl’
Image Source: Pressed PR

Stream ‘Sad Girl’ here! 

We’ve got a debut single!!! One of our favorite things to do on New Music Weekly is to highlight debut projects, and ‘Sad Girl’ has blown us away! We can tell what a long career Elly Tess is going to have ahead of her.

Kayla DiVenere – ‘PSYCHOPATH’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Kayla DiVenere” song=”PSYCHOPATH”]

Image Source: Pressed PR

Stream ‘PSYCHOPATH’ here!

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All the angst in the world is bottled into this one track, and we can’t get over how much we love it! ‘PSYCHOPATH’ is chant-like, and we just want to scream the lyrics at the loudest possible volume. Kayla DiVenere is the real deal!

Clubhouse – Are We Going To Slow?
Image Source: AWAL Recordings

Stream Are We Going To Slow? here!

Clubhouse is one of our current favorite bands. Truly they are the definition of the most feel-good, indie-pop! Their entire new EP, Are We Going To Slow? is pure perfection. Especially with the track, ‘you were never mine,’ which somehow we managed to cry to.

Yam Haus – ‘Body Goes’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Yam Haus” song=”Body Goes”]

Image Source: Yam Haus LLC

Stream ‘Body Goes’ here!

We are instantly in a better mood after listening to ‘Body Moves.’ For a moment we forget we’re in the dead of fall with seasonal depression hitting and we float back to the simpler times of summer. Only the best music can do that.

Camylio – all the songs i used to love
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream all the songs i used to love here!

If you’re a fan of artists along the same line as Lewis Capaldi, with angelic voices and lyrics that cut to the core, Camylio is for you! He has just released his EP, all the songs i used to love, and we simply can’t get enough of crying to it. Especially our stand-out track, ‘unbreak.’

corook – ‘Sims’

[apple_music_ad artist=”corook” song=”Sims”]

Image Source: Libby Danforth

Stream ‘Sims’ here!

We’ve got another debut single on this week’s New Music Weekly! We can confidently say you’re going to want to jump on board the corook train, she’s one of the most unique, massively talented new artists we’ve come across. Her track ‘Sims’ is the perfect example of the saying ‘we’re living in a simulation.

Back On Earth – ‘Runaway’
Image Source: Red Toad Music

Stream ‘Runaway’ here!

You will never see us shy away from a solid pop-punk track. We’ve loved pop-punk forever, and if you’re anything like us, you’re about to find a new favorite band in Back On Earth. Through and through, they are right up there with the best of the groups out right now. ‘Runaway’ proves that, period.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track on this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram! Every Friday, we have Fresh Music Friday on our Discord server, The Hive, and you are invited!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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