Sing 2 And U2 Gift Us With ‘Your Song Saved My Life’

Sing 2 And U2 Gift Us With ‘Your Song Saved My Life’

The clock is ticking, and we can’t wait for Sing 2 to come out to have us all singing once again! And the wait was made a bit easier with a recently released music video that gave us all the feels! In ‘Your Song Saved My Life,’ U2 finally comes out of too long of a hiatus. What’s more, we are finally gifted with the first release from the much-awaited Sing 2‘s soundtrack! But what has all of THP worked up, is the wonderful campaign behind this new release… We have much to tell you!

Image Source: Spongebob via YouTube

Just kidding, here we go…

A Soulful Music Video

There’s plenty to admire in this music video, an epic result of a joint effort by Illumination, Universal Pictures, Republic Record, and the lovely Irish geniuses that are U2. The whole purpose of this video is to rally support for the non-profit organization Education Through Music (ETM), which provides music as a core subject for all children in under-resourced schools across North America. Yes, that’s how incredible a program that is! It was due time that we see music get credit for its life-changing, soul-saving powers. And you’ll see what we mean when you watch through this gem, which was directed by Aya Tanimura and features students and teachers from the ETM program.

A Powerful Title

Seriously though, ‘Your Song Saved My Life’ has us welling up with tears. Sing 2 has chosen a meaningful first release for its soundtrack and we are sitting at the edge of our seats till it comes out. We are grateful for the reveal they had in store for us because it has already become a treasure of a song. More than once, music has come into our lives as the one ally that made no judgment and just gently kept us company at our worst. So, to choose those words to crown this piece is simply sublime. Music nurtures, cheers, lulls, saves among the many other likely virtues and outcomes it has on us. We at THP worship music, and this song pays respect to that essence that makes us fall very much in love with it! Whether you sing professionally or in the comfort of your shower time, most of us would agree with these words:

Some people sing for a living

Some people sing to survive

from U2’s music video ‘Your Song Saved My Life’

We hope you enjoyed this collaboration as much as we did! Or better yet, tell us in the comments below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. And why not give us a follow on Instagram and Facebook! We’ll make sure you miss out on absolutely nothing!

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Featured Image Source: Sing 2 and U2 via Youtube

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