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Jessia Wonders How Are You After Her ‘First Call!’

Jessia Wonders How Are You After Her ‘First Call!’

How do you feel today? If you are sad or happy, no matter which mood you are in, Jessia’s How Are You is here to hug you tightly. Do you know what’s better? She invites us to a mesmerizing location, a paradisiac beach we all dream about. The Canadian songstress got so much to show us and she’s not done yet! Let’s throwback to her comforting lyrics while escaping to this amazing world.

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The Sun Lies Down But It Goes Back Up!

Are you there, babe, are you scared? Is there anything I can promise/To keep you here?the wonderful singer asks away, sitting on a chair, watching the sun go down. She reflects on how we can reconnect with people around us. We hurt, we fall, but we get back up on our feet after all. When we love someone, we are ready to make sacrifices and that’s what happens next in her music video. Jessia’s How Are You EP offers plenty of these hypnotizing visuals lately. “Break my branches, grow your wings/Try your best to carry on,” we see her lie in all sadness on the sand but slowly getting back up through the sunrise. Her sense of imagery will please Nina Nesbitt fans for sure!

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Face The Adversity!

Through the silence, I’m screaming out I still love you more than anything else” the wave angrily takes all its force in Jessia’s How Are You? EP’s new video for ‘First Call.’ She runs away, screaming and shouting how her love is still so big. Would the danger of her feelings catch back up with her? She always says ‘But I Don’t’ to adversity on her new EP and video. The emotional beast in her found back the calm after the big storm. “You beautiful creature/Give me your smile/Cause I haven’t felt that warmth from you in a while,” she paints peacefully at the end of her song. In between our inside struggles and the beauty of the outside, there’s always a wake-up call that’s coming down! The Liam Payne’s The LP Show: Here’s To The Future alumni has so much to offer and we can only wish a bright future to her!

Do you wanna join Jessia on her journey to the beach? What do you think of her new video? Get your copy of How Are You? EP here and share your perfect getaways with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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