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“Find Your Pleasing” With Harry Styles’ New Beauty Brand

“Find Your Pleasing” With Harry Styles’ New Beauty Brand

We have been fed by Harry Styles this year, especially the last couple of months, and we are not complaining. Every time we feel like this is Harry Styles’ world and we are all just living in it, he steps up his game and leaves us in a state of “screaming, crying, and throwing up.” But his new beauty brand Pleasing was the last straw. This man, we swear. 

We have been getting teased about Pleasing for a long time when you think about it. There were rumors about this project, Harry was wearing Pleasing merch, and he’s even had a Pleasing sticker on his phone case for a long time now. Now, Pleasing is here. We have a website, social media accounts, and billboard ads for the brand. The first launch, which included nail polishes and skincare products, was available for pre-order, but they are now all sold out without even an official announcement from our wonderful man, Harry Styles. Yes, you read that correctly. He didn’t even mention Pleasing once, and yet here we are, waiting for restocks to be available for pre-order. Not gonna lie, it must be pleasing for him. 

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Image Source: Zak Maoui On Twitter

Pleasing will officially launch on November 29, but what is Pleasing, and what do we know about it so far? So if you are ready to be a part of Harry Styles’ world domination, let’s begin.


We’ve been teased about Pleasing since May, with rumors that Harry was launching a beauty product company. However, things began to feel more real when Emma Corrin, Harry’s co-star on My Policeman, posted a photo from a photoshoot on Instagram, crediting Pleasing for their nail polish. It has been silent ever since, apart from seeing Harry in Pleasing sweatshirts or stickers on his phone case. Until now. 

So far, it’s apparent that the brand’s first launch will focus on skin and nail care, but there’s more to learn about the company. Let’s start with the most important point: Pleasing is gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. It is also eco-friendly and ethical in addition to these features. Like Harry’s Love On Tour with Reverb, Pleasing strives to leave as little of an environmental footprint as possible.

Pleasing is a company that collaborated with Nest, a non-profit organization. By aiding craftspeople’s well-being, they hope to create a more gender-equal and economically inclusive world. They also assist artisans and manufacturers in expanding their enterprises in a safe manner. More information about Nest can be found here.

harry styles pleasing
Image Source: Tumblr / Courtesy of Pleasing

“Perfect Pearl”

The first release from Harry Styles’ Pleasing is called “Perfect Pearl,” which is a lovely name considering that Harry’s Fine Line era was all about pearls. “Perfect Pearl” series is divided into two categories as nail and skin, for now, but who knows if there are more to come. So until our questions get answered with an official release, let’s take a look at the products.

“Perfect Pearl Polish” ($20)
harry styles pleasing
Image Source: Courtesy of Pleasing

“Perfect Pearl” is a mirror of your dream pearly-white nail polish, and it’s part of “The Perfect Polish Set.” It’s also available separately, but in combination with the other nail polishes in the set, it creates a magical effect. It’s entirely up to you. You can use “Perfect Pearl” alone on your nails or as a top coat over other nail polishes and watch it work its magic.

“Pearly Tops Polish” ($20)

“Pearly Tops,” like “Perfect Pearl,” is a part of “The Perfect Polish Set,” but it’s also marketed separately due to the color shifts it can create when used as a top coat over other polishes. Because it’s mostly used for as a top coat, it doesn’t give your nails an opaque color, but it does make them look healthy.

“The Perfect Polish Set”

“The Perfect Polish Set” contains four nail polishes, including “Perfect Pearl Polish” and “Pearly Tops Polish,” both of which are available separately. The package also includes “Inky Pearl Polish” and “Granny’s Pink Pearls,” in addition to the two nail colors we’re familiar with. “Inky Pearl” is a glossy black polish with a blue glow and, when topped with “Pearly Tops,” gives your nails a distinctive purple color. “Granny’s Pink Pearls,” on the other hand, is a glossy pink polish with a technique similar to Inky Pearl. It turns a delicate shade of pink when you top it with “Perfect Pearl.”

“The Pleasing Pen” ($30)

It has two sides: one for under-eyes and the other for lips. When applied to your under eyes, the eye gel part corrects the tired look on your face and moisturizes your under eyes while also helping the look of aging wrinkles. The lip portion is a half-matte gel that nourishes and moisturizes lips for a long time. So now we know why Harry never gets old. We still can’t believe he kept “The Pleasing Pen” hidden from us.

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“The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum”

Everyone, there’s another hack from Harry Styles’ daily skincare routine: the “Pearlescent Illuminating Serum,” which can be used alone or as a makeup primer. It moisturizes skin throughout the day and makes it look more alive, fresh, and radiant, thanks to vitamin B5 in its recipe. We’re guessing this is how Harry maintains his skin looking so good even while he’s on the road. We see you, Mr. Styles, we see you. 

We can’t wait for the official launch! What about you? What is your favorite product so far? Were you able to be a lucky one and pre-order some of them? Tell us in our comments, and over on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram! Also, special thanks to the Harry Styles fan Discord server for helping us with this article. To find the Harry Styles server and more fan servers filled with your people, don’t forget to join our Discord server, The Hive from here!

If you want more beauty news in your life, buzz here! You are always welcomed for Harry content, too!



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