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We Have A Feeling 2022 We Will Be The Year Of Anson Seabra

We Have A Feeling 2022 We Will Be The Year Of Anson Seabra

Over the last year or so we, right along with all of you, have dove into the world of Anson Seabra. And what a journey it’s been! From an interview to seeing him live with Alec Benjamin to crying to his EP, Feeling For My Life, we’ve been on quite the journey! We’ve fallen in love with what an absolutely imaginative and unreal lyricist Anson Seabra is. What’s crazy is even though 2021 has been huge for Anson Seabra, we know 2022 is going to be even bigger. We’re hoping for even more music and even more live shows! For now, though, we will bask in the greatness that is the ‘Keep Your Head Up Princess’ video. And yes, we’ve cried to it already, don’t judge us! This song is all things precious wrapped into three minutes and twenty-nine seconds.

Stream Feeling For My Life here!

Buy tickets for Anson’s headlining show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles here!

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Q&A Session

During a recent press conference, we were lucky enough to get to pick Anson’s brain a bit fresh off his EP release and tour!

After putting out Feeling For My Life and having all the songs be out into the world, is there a sense of relief or nerves, with the songs now belonging to the audience?
I think that’s an interesting question because it’s a weird dynamic, you writing the songs and then everyone listening to them. It’s like, is it really your song after that? I don’t know, I suppose there is a sense of relief, but only because some of these songs have been sitting on my hard drive for a year, and I actually have this anxiety that if I die tomorrow that I would just have way too many good songs, (not to brag) but way too many good songs that I wish people could hear that are no out yet, just because of the way the music industry works and it’s like you know you put out an album, you promote it, but don’t put out too many songs! If it was up to me I’d be putting out a song every week, so I guess there is relief in the fact that we finally for these songs to the finish line because I’m so neurotic about putting out songs. If it was up to me we’d probably still be going back and forth with the mix engineer making sure that the guitar had enough treble in it or something like that. So I think that’s a sense of relief for me, knowing that we got the songs out, but then also obviously one of the best parts about putting songs out is seeing people react to them. Obviously, you don’t want to put a song out and no one likes it, and then you’re just like damn, I guess this one was just for me.

One of our favorite things about Feeling For My Life is the lyrics, we think it’s such a well-written body of work. So we were wondering if you had a lyric that sticks out to you as your favorite?
Yeah, I really like the lyric of the song ‘Lucky Charms.’ It’s “same lucky charms in the same bowl look for rainbows but all the colours just go grey in the end.” I think that’s really cool, I wrote that song with Amy Allen, who’s a very prolific writer. I don’t actually eat ‘Lucky Charms’ to be honest but like, it’s so sick to say that you looked for rainbows in your ‘Lucky Charms’ but all the colors turned grey in the end, I think that’s really cool! That’s definitely one of my favorite lines!

After just wrapping up the tour with Alec Benjamin, is there a moment from the tour that stands out as a moment you’re going to constantly look back on?
Yeah, I remember in I think it was Detroit, I was backstage just watching his set from the wing or something, it was this stairwell and I was right at the top while he was singing his song ‘The Book of You & I,’ which is one of my favorite songs by him and I started sobbing uncontrollably. I was so overwhelmed by the moment. I’ve been a fan of Alec’s for a very long time and I never thought I would be a singer at all, and now here I was backstage at his show it was a very surreal moment for me. Seeing him sing for 2000 people and I’m on tour with him? Just was crying backstage feeling very blessed!

What’s Next?

Obviously, we are hoping the new year is chalked full of new Anson Seabra music! But we still have the rest of this year to bask in new content! We’re getting a live show on December 11th and on November 16th Anson is releasing a holiday EP, you heard that right!! This EP, a heartfelt holiday, is going to give us something to cry to while drinking hot cocoa by the fire this holiday season. During a recent press conference, we were able to get a sneak peek at two of the tracks and can confirm, none of you are ready!

Pre-save a heartfelt holiday here!

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Image Source: Matty Vogel

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Featured Image Source: Matty Vogel

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