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How Charlotte Cardin’s Phoenix Deluxe Charmed Us!

How Charlotte Cardin’s Phoenix Deluxe Charmed Us!

The princess of the Canadian scene is on fire! She sold out most of her local shows in Montreal and Quebec city and even her performance at the mythic Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. Charlotte Cardin’s Phoenix makes its great marks in the industry, gaining praise wherever it goes. They are so right! We fell under the charm of the album and we are so overwhelmed about the newly released deluxe version.

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‘Scorpio Season’

Right on time for gift wrapping, Charlotte Cardin’s Phoenix Deluxe version is here with extra grooves. “We’re two broken hearts beating together/November’s always dark, but this one is darker/already missed you before you were gone/You’re the love of my life, they were doing it wrong/And there’s never a reason/It’s Scorpio season,” she soars on ‘Scorpio Season,’ a fresh new track on the revamped album. It’s time for the most intense period of the year that affects us all. The period is good to reflect on our good and bad moves, even if we know it’s a mess! Let’s shake up our senses, with this Alice Merton aesthetic-influenced song. There is a lot of emotions in this short piece of art!


Since La Voix in Quebec, we know that the Montreal singer’s passion for music overflows everything. Charlotte Cardin’s Phoenix Deluxe has these gems we can’t get over. ‘Meaningless’ is that type of essential song. “See the sun leading us/To the land of the lost and the reasonless/Hear the drum beating us/I forever surrender, the rest is meaningless/Meaningless,” she croons on the powerful and angelic chorus. Being close to someone is all that matters. Her high notes give us so many chills! It’s so hard not to resist a sing-along to the many versions we heard live lately, especially this one at Cult Nation with her fellow Montreal friends Milk & Bone.

‘Passive Agressive’

Charlotte Cardin’s Phoenix Deluxe album brights with that catchy and seductive song ‘Passive Aggressive.’ You will be pleased to know that not only the original is on it, but also a cool remix is on it as a bonus track. Fly high with these David Guetta-infused loops on the Johnny Gold rework. The Saweetie collaborator brings the song justice with the flourishing crescendo tempo that shines through the dark. “It took a week or two getting over you/But I love myself too much/To waste good years on bad love,” the Canadian sings with a full positive attitude. It’s okay to move on after a break-up. It may take time, but we can let go of our past.

‘You Lie You Die’

Are we dreaming? Nope! ‘You Lie You Die’ was one of the fifty demos from Charlotte Cardin’s Pheonix Deluxe that never made the cut on the original release. As a gift, we hear Charlotte at her most vulnerable position, rapping like Billie Eilish and she’s smashing it! “Je veux te dire que je te hais/Mais je t’adore en secret/Et je déjoue mon cœur qui saigne/Je mens, je meurs, je m’y fais,” she pleads in French in the bridge. The feelings are hard to control. One minute she hates the person she fell for, but in the deep end, she secretly loves them. She lies, she feels like dying inside, but she’s used to it. It’s impossible to resist that emotional rollercoaster track!

‘Phoenix (Reprise)’

But all the roses in the world would only fuel my rage/And now you’re wounded from the blaze, I hope you can forgive/And we can rise from the ashes just like a Phoenix,” Charlotte Cardin’s Phoenix Deluxe title track expresses in all its senses. The whole songwriting through the lyrical poetry of the young rising artist is about how we can fall down, burn ourselves, but come back stronger than ever! The reprise version is fantastic! The team-up with viral Montreal TikTok producer Lubalin is such a perfect match! The harmonies intertwine in amazing chemistry and it’s mind-blowing.

What would you do if you could rise from the ashes of a Phoenix? Stream the whole album here! Which track from Charlotte Cardin’s album do you relate to? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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