Misery Kids ‘Turn Off The Lights’ To Go To Dreamland!

Misery Kids ‘Turn Off The Lights’ To Go To Dreamland!

Sink into love. Feel it underneath your skin with the new emo-pop duo from England Misery Kids. ‘Turn Off The Lights’ and indulge in the memories along with the addictive melodic soundscape. Find The Script and a bit of raw energy and you should all learn about how to be part of the Misery Kids gang!

Image Source: James Kay

The Anchor Of Love

Cause your voice used to be my favorite sound/Now, all I hear is just the cars downtown outside my house,” the duo’s opening verse states on Misery Kids ‘Turn Off The Lights.’ Do you miss someone so much that you are still not over them? “you’re in my head an underneath my skin and there’s no way of getting rid of this getting rid of this,” they couldn’t move on later on. Love is the power and it’s hard to hide away our regrets and emotions. How to get over a breakup? There are these kinds of songs that soothe our minds. We can let go of our anxiety of being alone with cool breeze melodies like ‘Turn Off The Lights.’ The lyrics are an anchor, keeping ourselves afloat in the pain the other person left behind.

Image Source: James Kay

Switch It The Good Way!

How to face reality? Misery Kids’ ‘Turn Off The Lights’ shines with their Blanks-infused retro beats. The guitar chords melodically wake up our senses. It’s beautiful and it’s only paradise, despite the dark-themed concept. It’s time to switch it the right way. The British duo knows how to brighten up under the neon lights with their anthemic synth loops. The drums bang softly in our heads. The couple at the end of the video tries to fight their inner demons, but it always goes back to temptations and fragility. “Words covered in gold never seemed seemed so cold/Color over your mistakes,” they sing in a crescendo of sounds. Recognize what you do wrong. It’s okay to be vulnerable and it will only make us stronger. ‘Turn Off The Lights’ and fall deep in your thoughts here.

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Featured Image Source: James Kay

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