Peyton’s ‘Perfect Peach’ Is The Perfect Ingredient!

Peyton’s ‘Perfect Peach’ Is The Perfect Ingredient!

She made ‘Sweet Honey’ that stirred on Insecure TV show. This was the beginning of a fulgurant career for the Texas soul singer. What’s the good news? Peyton’s ‘Perfect Peach’ video from her album PSA is out now! Get your shakers ready.

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‘Don’t You Wanna Fly’

Do you know what makes us excited? Peyton’s PSA is a serious contender for best R’n’B performance and Best Progressive R’n’B album at The GRAMMYs. So well deserved for the new music sensation. She can be the next Michael Kiwanuka, as a female version of course! Her songs are full of deep meaningful words, with love and self-confidence. “My soul is a spaceship, I’m taking off trick,” she sings, in such a cool way to ‘Let It Flow.’ The whole album has this nostalgic grain that reminds us of the 90s En Vogue and TLC while getting some modern electro touches at the same time! We’re crossing fingers for Peyton’s PSA big days.

Honey Drips!

Every night I see you in my wildest dreams/Sweetest thing, my love, you’re my perfect peach” Peyton ventures on the train home and in the park, bringing all the power of love in some incredible visuals. The sunshine rises in Celeste’s vocal ways, sultry and foxy as hell. Peyton’s ‘Perfect Peach’ tastes like honey drips on ice cream! It’s so delicious with the tantalizing guitar and drum hooks. It’s a wild ride from the beginning to the end, wandering in a surreal but beautiful and positive reality. ‘Perfect Peach’ is a great tribute to Earth Wind & Fire’s soulful inspirations. Get more details on Peyton’s various projects here and watch the superb video below!

Has the ‘Perfect Peach’ convinced you of Peyton’s immense talent? If so, get the PSA full album here. Let us know what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

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