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Prime, Powder, And Pit! Our Fave Concert Proof Makeup Products!

Prime, Powder, And Pit! Our Fave Concert Proof Makeup Products!

Right now in many places across the world, life is getting back to some level of pre-panini normality, and that means one thing for so many of us… live music! That’s right, whether you’re off to an indie concert, living it up with the JoBros, or you’re making life your catwalk at HSLOT, live music is back. And judging by our Twitter feed, fans aren’t doing things in half measures! We’ve seen the incredible photos from the rebirth of live music, and the consensus seems to be: we’re not dressing to impress, we’re dressing for ourselves! We’ve loved seeing the self-empowered concert fashion, and we’ve got the fits down, but what about the makeup?

For so many of us, makeup has the power to make us feel confident and powerful. Whether you want to enhance your natural beauty, or glow so much you can be seen from space, we are all for make-up that makes you feel amazing. Whatever you’re relationship with make-up, we want you to feel a million bucks baby! But concert make-up looks can be tricky! All it takes is for your fave to wave at you, and your tears have melted your mascara! And don’t even talk to us about foundation and the heat in a concert arena!

But have no fear you lovely Honey Poppers, we’ve brought together some of the best concert-proof makeup products, to help you rock your make-up game all night long! With choices to help you rock a natural look or a full face beat, and with options for different budgets, our Prime, Powder, And Pit recommendations will have you rocking the post-gig selfies with confidence!

MILK Makeup “Hydro Grip” Primer

Prime, baby, prime! Primer can be the key to keeping your complexion-boosting makeup in place all night! For concert-proof makeup, we think stickiness is your friend! While there are many silky primers on the market that can benefit skin texture and pore visibility, the trick to concert make-up is keeping the makeup actually on your face!

MILK “Hydro Grip” Primer has become a staple cult classic over the last few years, and we highly agree with that! It’s our fave primer for lasting power! It’s a super hydrating primer with a light gel consistency, which dries down to a slightly tacky consistency, which grips whatever make-up you put over it, thanks to the blue agave extract! It’s also infused with goodies like aloe, hyaluronic acid, cherry blossom, niacinamide (vitamin B3), and hemp-derived cannabis seed extract, which adds extra hydration, making this product great for drier skin.

Check out the brand new MILK Makeup “Hydro Grip Eye Primer” too!

It’s vegan, cruelty-free, oil-free, gluten-free, and fragrance-free too!

How To Use

Apply primer after your skincare and before your foundation/base, for that smooth canvas with staying power! To apply, blend 1-2 pumps over your skin, using your fingers is fine! We recommend leaving for a minute to absorb and dry, before continuing your make-up routine!

Price And Purchase

A higher-end product at $34, this product goes a long way, and lasts! In our opinion, it’s worth the investment! It’s available at with free shipping over $30.

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Similar Products
The Ordinary “High-Adherence Silicone Primer”
Image Source:

High-Adherence! Yes, please! The Ordinary has become an increasingly popular brand of late, for their no-fuss branding, that does what it says on the bottle, at bank account friendly prices.

The “High-Adherence Silicone Primer” has a serum-like consistency, which dries down to a light tacky finish, once again helping to cling on to your makeup, whether you’re crying over your fave song, or dancing like nobody’s watching in the pit! It has a blurring effect and is great for oily and combination skin. Its silicone base also helps for even makeup application and a smooth canvas. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

To apply, blend a pea-size blob over your skin with your fingers. We recommend leaving for a minute to absorb and dry down, before continuing your make-up routine, or apply and go bare for a no-makeup look with a dewy skin finish!

A steal at just $4.50 at BeautyBay, and other stores, including high street stores internationally.

Estée Lauder “Double Wear Stay-in-Place” Makeup

Gospel, this is a holy grail cult classic foundation. It’s a medium to full coverage, yet still lightweight. Plus it’s layerable, blendable, contains SPF, and is perfect for concerts – it’s legit formulated to resist humidity and sweat! We absolutely love the range of shades and undertones this product is available in, and if you’re not sure of your shade, the online shade finder is one of the best online shade matches we’ve used. Unfortunately, it is not vegan, so if you’re looking for vegan products, check out “similar products” below!

How To Use

To apply, add a small amount of the product to the back of your hand. Pick up a small amount of the product with a synthetic bristled brush, dot onto your face and buff into skin, or dot the product onto the face using a beauty sponge, and then bounce the product onto the skin. You can layer to achieve your desired coverage.

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Price And Purchase

A higher price point at $43, this is an investment product for many, but it does last and a little goes a long way. There’s a reason it’s 2021’s No 1 foundation in the US! Trust us! Purchase it at Estée Lauder!

Similar Products
NYX “Total Control Pro Drop” Foundation
Image Source:

Is this the most buildable foundation on the market? We think possibly! More drops = more coverage, so you choose what works for your complexion! Build it up without the cakeyness! With 30 shades across the NYX undertones spectrum, this lightweight water-based foundation promises 12-hour wear without transfer, and what’s more, it’s completely vegan and cruelty-free!

To use, give the bottle a good shake, before using the dropper to apply a few drops to the back of your hand. Use your fave brush to buff the product into your face, or your fave sponge to bounce the product for a smooth application. And remember, it builds, so if you want more coverage, add more drops!

Retailing for just $14 at NYX, this foundation will make an incredible addition to your concert makeup routine!

Conceal And Contour
Glossier “Stretch Concealer”

We’re obsessed with this product for gigs! Have you ever applied concealer under your eyes, and then looked back at photos with harsh lighting, and your under eyes are ashy and could be seen from space? Not us, we’re pros…. jokes. It’s happened to the best of us, which is why this Glossier “Stretch Concealer” will be your best friend!

It moves with your skin due to its stretch formula including waxes, and its adaptive pigment gives a brightening effect without looking like the sun bouncing off the snow on a winter morning. It’s buildable and flexes with your skin texture, to avoid looking like you’ve spread a sponge cake into your skin.

Plus the addition of cocoa butter, avocado, and jojoba oil keeps your skin nourished – no crusty dry eyes here! It’s cruelty-free and fragrance-free too!

How To Use

We love to apply this product with our fingers! Your skin’s temperature helps product application here! Pick up a thin layer of the product with the pad of your finger, and tap it into the areas you need a little extra help with. Try tapping a dot in the inside corner and outside corner of your under eye, and widen your tapping to blend, for a natural brightened look. Sometimes, less is more!

Choose a cool-toned deeper concealer (we suggest one to two shades deeper) for a perfect cream contour too!

Price And Purchase

We think this pot of wonder is a steal at $18. You need so little to achieve a gorgeous base, that this product is going to last you! Check it out at Glossier, and many other retailers including Walmart!

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Similar Products
Maybelline “Eraser Eye Instant Anti Age” Eye Concealer
Image Source:

The drugstore miracle concealer, Maybelline really understood the assignment with this product. No wonder it was the No 1 Concealer in Britain in 2020! Infused with Goji berry, and with an incredible pigmentation payoff, this vegan concealer has become a makeup bag staple!

The creamy consistency with an easy application thanks to its cushion tip applicator, make it an ideal choice for on-the-go makeup! It’s blendable, buildable, and can multitask! Use it to brighten under eyes, conceal blemishes, and even choose a cool shade one or two shades deeper than your skin tone match, for an easy cream contour!

To apply, twist the neck until products disperse onto the cushion tip, then dot in the inner and outer corners of your under eye, and at any other points, you wish to conceal. You can use the tip to blend, or use your fave small makeup sponge, or blending brush. If you have an oilier skin type, you may choose to set it with a small sweep of translucent powder!

Purchase for just $10.50 at Beauty Bay. Plus UK honey bees can find this product for just £8.99 at Boots!

Florence By Mills “Cheek Me Later” Cream Blush

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably seen this incredible product! Does the brand sound familiar? Yep, it’s Millie Bobbie Brown’s makeup line! The line is named after Millie’s grandmother, and Millie has used all her experience of endless makeup chair sittings, to develop products she believes in. And we believe in them too!

The “Cheek Me Later” cream blush is so perfect for concert-proof makeup regimes! It contains Kaolin Clay, which absorbs oils! Ideal for concert chaos, but it also helps the pigment stay put! The cream dries down to a powder once applied and does not budge, plus it’s also nourishing with plant-based Candelilla Wax! We’re also here to big up the seven shades on offer, for how they complement different skin tones. This is a hill we’re willing to die on.

This product, and all products in the Florence By Mills line, say no to animal testing and animal by-products

How To Use

It couldn’t be simpler – fingers baby, fingers! The heat of your skin will help to warm the product for easy application. Tap the products into the areas you like your blush, whether that’s the apples of your cheeks, across your nose, or higher up towards your temples, for that lifted look! Your face is your canvas, decorate it however you like!

Price And Purchase

Do good by purchasing this product too! Your purchase will support the Olivia Hope Foundation, in honor of the memory of Millie’s friend Liv and her dream of finding a cure for childhood cancers. That’s why we’re not including a “Similar Products” section here – just buy this one!

Check it out at Florence By Mills retailing at $14.

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Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay 42 Shadow Palette

Color! All the color! There are so many eyeshadow palettes on the market, but we’re not here for minimalist eye makeup at concerts! We want options baby! We were blown away by the 42 color selection in Jade’s Beauty Bay palette, and we just have to hype it up for you! With so many colors, with buttery mattes, bursting brights, and blinding shimmers, this palette is everything but the kitchen sink.

The formulation of these shadows is top class, with super high pigmentation while still blending beautifully, and with minimal fallout! Even the packaging is *chefs kiss*. Let’s say a big thank you to Jade for this stellar collection, and rock it at our next concert! Whether you love a graphic eye, you’re singing ‘Cut You Off’ with a cut crease look, or you fancy a smoky little number, this palette can do it all! Pack it, blend it and smoke it out over an eyeshadow primer, for all-night bold eye beauty! Add a winged or graphic liner for true Jade Thirlwall fierceness. She may be one-third of Little Mix, but she’s gracing us with a massive mix of shadows and we are living for it.

It’s vegan and cruelty-free!

How To Use

Eyeshadow creations are such a personal part of makeup, and there’s no one correct way to do it! Different applications suit different eye shapes and styles, there really are no rules! Gather your brushes and create something unique! We recommend using a fluffy blending brush, a smaller crease blending brush, and a flat packing brush as the basics for creating a spectacular look. Play around, go wild, you won’t be saying ‘No’ to this palette!

Want more ideas and advice? Check out Jade’s tutorial!

See Also

Price And Purchase

This is exclusive to Beauty Bay, and retails at $35.

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Similar Products
XX Revolution Palettes
Image Source:

Looking for something a bit more portable? We gotchu! Check out XX Revolution‘s Palettes for stunning formulations and color stories, that you can pop in your handbag! We’re obsessed with this “Xxpress Shadow Palette Xxxtravagant.” At $11.95 it has everything you need for an eye look, but there are so many options to explore!

Explore and find your ideal palette here!

Caliray “Come Hell Or High Water” Mascara

This has just edged out as our favorite mascara right now. Caliray is a woman-owned company, by founders Jenna Dover and Wende Zomnir (the founder of Urban Decay!). The brand prides itself on “clean formulas. dirty minds. & sexy sustainability.”

The “Come Hell Or High Water” mascara is long wear and ultra volumizing, and it’s also good for your lashes, thanks to argan oil! It boasts a uniquely soft “teddy bear” bristled wand that delicately separates lashes for that full lash effect without the clumps. The formula is creamy and buildable, and it’s even water-resistant! Perfect for when your fave waves at you in the pit and you turn into an inconsolable mess!

It contains no parabens, animal-derived fats, or oils, is leaping bunny certified for no animal cruelty, and its packaging is made of 100% recycled ocean plastic and recycled paper- basically all the things we love!

How To Use

Apply as many coats as you like to achieve your desired look, it’s pretty simple! We recommend applying to the tops of lashes, not just under them, for that full lash effect!

Price And Purchase

We love this mascara for just $13 from

Image source:

Similar Products
E.L.F “Big Mood” Mascara
Image Source:

This mascara is such a “big mood!” With a ridiculously low price point for such a high-quality mascara, we think that’ll be amazing for your pre-concert makeup routine! It’s smudge-proof, volumizing, and lifting, and it even helps keep your lashes looking luscious, thanks to jojoba wax! The wand head features an hourglass shape, with close bristles to capture every lash! Get ready for your Y/N moment at the gig with E.L.F, and lashes to rule them all!

It’s also vegan and cruelty-free!

It’s only $7 at E.L.F!

ColourPop “Fresh Kiss” Lip Stains

You’re gonna be screaming along to your fave songs – the last thing you want is lipstick on your teeth! You may also be wearing a mask at concerts right now, so you’re gonna want lip products that won’t transfer… That’s where lip stains come in! ColourPop’s “Fresh Kiss” collection has just entered the chat. These are stunning. They’re stains, yet they’re still glossy, and look fresh for hours! They come in a range of beautiful shades to complement so many skin tones, and are a treat for the lips thanks to guava and lychee extracts!

They’re also vegan and cruelty-free!

How To Use

With buildable coverage, simply swipe on the lip stain using the pointed applicator for precision. And add a second layer if you want that extra bold lip!

Price And Purchase

At just $8, we are obsessed with these products. Plus you can get your hands on a trio bundle for $21! Purchase the range at ColourPop!

Image source:

That’s it! We’ve decked out your makeup bag with some absolute concert-proof makeup essentials, to keep your makeup looking fresh and fierce all night long! Everyone deserves to feel incredible when experiencing live music, and if makeup is one of the ways you express your joy, style, and identity, we are so here for it and hope you feel incredible in our concert-proof recommendations!

Got a recommendation that should have made our list? Let us know down in the comments! Have you been rocking your makeup at gigs lately? We’d love to see it, why not tweet us at @thehoneypop? What gigs have you got comin’ up, tell us everything by visiting us on Facebook!

Want more makeup and beauty news, reviews, and recommendations from your fave honey bees? We’ve got more for you right here!

Featured Image Source: The Honey POP Graphics Team

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