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Shakira’s Laundry Service Turns 20 And Takes Us On A Trip Round The World

Shakira’s Laundry Service Turns 20 And Takes Us On A Trip Round The World

We blinked twice and it’s been 20 years since the release of Laundry Service, Shakira‘s fifth studio album and first album recorded primarily in English! Indeed it was with this album that she conquered masses beyond her Latin fans across the globe. And it proved that she could easily win our hearts in any language she sets her mind to sing in! That’s Shakira through and through! A most versatile composer, dancer and singer that will again take us on a journey with her songs, as we celebrate its 20th anniversary. Passport at the ready?

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No need to rush really! This trip is courtesy of Laundry Service: Washed and Dried (Expanded Edition), released last Friday November 12th and packed with some truly sweet bonus tracks! So, you won’t need anything more than a good pair of headphones or simply functional speakers! Because Shakira, one of the historic The Voice judges, will have us travelling the globe with the sound of her voice in this set of memorable songs. Get comfy! Boarding starts as you push play… right here!

First Stop: Argentina And Uruguay

As the first track of her recently re-issued extended Laundry Service album, ‘Objection (Tango)’ immediately transports us to the south of Latin America. Namely to the countries globally recognized for Tango, a dance that Shakira brilliantly pays tribute to in her official video. Of course, she takes some creative liberties with her choreography, as she incorporates some of her signature moves. To be honest, all the better. We love Shakira for staying true to her self as she introduces some elements of other Latin American sounds to the rest of the world. Boss lady tactics!

Second Stop: The Andes

Working our way further to the west of our prior song and heading north through the mountains, Shakira takes the world by storm with ‘Whenever, Wherever.’ And whether you’re playing it for the first or millionth time, this track is infectious! In the most positive way that is! We dare you not to want to desperately recreate her moves, sing along or simply hum to the beat of this wonderful tune! At THP HQ we’ve been dusting off our dancing skills ever since Friday and we hope you’re joining. Wherever you are, let these Andean beats take you to new heights!

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Third Stop: Madrid

Our Colombian star takes us to Europe, as she bids goodbye to Madrid. And in this song interpreted solely in Spanish, we are brought to Spain so we can indulge in the beautiful sounds of her voice when she sings to us in her mother tongue. In many ways, this track brings back the memory of her work prior to Laundry Service. We can hear her falsetto and some distinct rock elements that make this song a complete showcase of her talent.

Fourth Stop: Middle East

In this track, Shakira reimagines her song ‘Ojos Así (Eyes Like Yours)’ from her previous album and performs it in English. As you play through, it’s undeniable the influence of middle eastern music that goes to reflect Shakira’s own background and personal story. Having lived in Bahrein and being part Lebanese herself, this song displays and incorporates those experiences and the result is simply brilliant. Anyone else wants to learn some belly dancing to follow Shakira’s lead?

Final Stop: There’s None!

Truth be said, Shakira isn’t even closed to finishing her journey. And we are beyond thankful for that!! Let it never end! Because we are ready to follow wherever she wants to take us next. And as we wrap up this piece, we go through the songs of Laundry Service: Wrapped and Dried (Expanded Edition) and are left with the joy of witnessing that still after 20 years, Shakira is ‘The One.’ And all there’s left to celebrate is a trajectory well-built and the kind of talent that knows no boundaries. That’s Shakira in a nutshell!

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What do you think of Shakira’s Laundry Service: Wrapped and Dried (Expanded Edition)? You can tell us in the comments below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. And we have much in store for you! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out!

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