The Traveller’s Guide To Liyah Knight’s Best Escapes!

The Traveller’s Guide To Liyah Knight’s Best Escapes!

Do you need a breath of fresh air? Are you searching for something to soothe your soul? Today, we bring you to a magnificent island called Australia with Liyah Knight’s Traveller’s Guide EP. Are you ready to fly on a journey of new experiences and open up to different horizons? If you fancy a great ‘Holiday’ with Jorja Smith-inspired sounds, this record is for you!

Image Source: Tristan Edouard

Let The Music Seduce You!

The sky is the limit! Liyah Knight’s Traveller’s Guide flies us to the ‘Moon Baby’ with its sultry chords and smooth harmonies. “My perfume on your sweater/Your pocket, hold my rouge/In case you mess up what I painted/PDA not a problem/We made it home in time,” she sweats in good loving memories on the warming track. She plays with our minds with seductive beats. She makes beautiful ‘Threads’ with her instruments and magical vocals. The Australian singer is so versatile, just like Tate McRae, bringing melancholia but also upbeat poetry to her unique sound.

The Calm Before The Storm

Love is like a ‘Hurricane’ and fall into romanticism and stormy feelings. Compelling as Olivia O’Brien works, Liyah Knight knows how to make addictive hooks with the smooth guitar production that mixes perfectly with her enchanting falsetto. If you are in love with Summer Walker’s ‘Unloyal,’ you’ll find your inner self in Liyah’s ‘No Strings.’ She’s working as a witch with her spellbound lyrics. “We don’t really have to be friends/If it’s over, why pretend?” What a way to end this journey! Concentrate on your happiness and move on to a better place. Sort your travelling path with Liyah Knight’s Traveller’s Guide here.

Order Liyah Knight’s The Traveller Guide and book your fresh start here. What is your favorite track? Share your destination with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

Do you want more soulful meaningful tracks in your life? We got everything you crave here!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of The Orchard

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