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5 Iconic T-ara Comebacks You Should Know

5 Iconic T-ara Comebacks You Should Know

Let’s start off by saying 2021 is the year for second-generation K-Pop groups! T-ara have finally made their comeback after a four-year hiatus, and we at THP are thrilled to welcome these legends back! Re:T-ara is the group’s second single album, and it features the two songs ‘Tiki Taka’ and ‘All Kill.’

Left to right: Hyomin, Qri, Jiyeon, Eunjung (Image Source: Dingo via Twitter)

T-ara’s latest comeback Re:T-ara fits right in with their signature sound, and we are obsessed with both of the title tracks! ‘Tiki Taka’ is such an elegant song about the time you spend recovering and moving on from a toxic relationship. The choreography is so smooth, and we can’t wait to see them perform it live! ‘All Kill’ is about the pain of another breakup, another story that’s ending. The guitar, the whistling, and the energetic hip-hop beat blend together so well!

You can stream the Re:T-ara album right here.

As T-ara recently passed their 12th anniversary, we can’t help but feel nostalgic. Time flies when you’re listening to bop after bop after bop. Here are five of the most iconic T-ara comebacks you should know!

Left to right: Eunjung, Qri, Hyomin, Jiyeon (Image Source: Dingo via Twitter)

What’s My Name? (2017)

T-ara’s ninth EP What’s My Name? was released in June 2017, and it was their first comeback with four members. The EP features a total of nine songs with a title track of the same name. ‘What’s My Name?’ is a catchy pop song that is sure to get stuck in your head. Something about it brings back a flood of memories when things were simpler.

And & End (2014)

A list of iconic comebacks would be incomplete without T-ara’s sixth EP And & End, released in September 2014. The title track ‘Sugar Free’ was the song of the year, and nobody can argue otherwise. This comeback and the choreography for ‘Sugar Free’ had all of K-Pop in a chokehold because it was that addictive!

Again (2013)

Again is T-ara’s fifth EP and was released in October 2013. The EP was repackaged two times and had two lead singles ‘Number Nine’ and ‘Because I Know.’ ‘Number Nine’ is an upbeat dance song with sad lyrics about what it’s like struggling to move on from one person. Yes, it’s yet another T-ara song that brings us back to our early teenage years.

Black Eyes (2011)

T-ara’s third EP Black Eyes was released in November 2011. It features six songs with the ever-iconic title track called ‘Cry Cry.’ This song has a beautiful Latin dance vibe and T-ara’s signature guitar instrumentals. ‘Cry Cry’ will always be our sad girl anthem, and you need to add this to your feels playlist ASAP.

John Travolta Wannabe (2011)

Of course, we couldn’t forget about T-ara’s second EP John Travolta Wannabe from June 2011! ‘Roly Poly’ is the title track that set so many music records for T-ara. The group absolutely killed the retro concept and choreography for this comeback! We’ll dance along to ‘Roly Poly’ any day.

As expected, T-ara slayed their new release Re:T-ara. We’ve missed them so much, and we’re happy to see these queens release music together again!

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Left to right: Eunjung, Qri, Jiyeon, Hyomin (Image Source: Dingo via Twitter)

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Featured Image Source: Dingo via Twitter

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