Lennon Stella’s ‘Bubble’ Bounces In The Air!

Lennon Stella’s ‘Bubble’ Bounces In The Air!

A song that is so intense that you have the lyrics written in your veins? Are some of these songs from artists that get stuck in your mind? When we think of this Nashville series superstar, we only want to float aside her to the sound of her music. Lennon Stella’s ‘Bubble’ is out now and here are our fav tracks from the Canadian singer-songwriter that keep us bouncing in the sky!

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Fear Of Being Alone’

It’s not love that keeps us holding on/Ah, ah/It’s the fear of/It’s the fear of being alone,” Lennon Stella states in ‘Fear Of Being Alone’ from her album Three.Two.One. Our ‘Bubble’ is as big as we wish to protect our anxieties and worries. If you’re obsessed with Maggie Lindemann, you’ll be stunned by Lennon Stella’s vocal skills and ethereal sensibilities.


Lennon Stella’s ‘Bubble’ collection couldn’t be here without one of her most recent singles! Do you ‘Fancy’ to “Wear each other’s clothes, same attitudes/Lay our bodies in the ground and then we’ll rest?” Let’s hug with a blanket of spongy water and enjoy the soothing electro-pop vibrations.

‘Golf On TV’

We could have easily thought of Jonas Blue‘s and Liam Payne‘s collab ‘Polaroid’ as one of Lennon Stella ‘Bubble’ tracks! Of course, it’s a belter, but we also fell in love with these lovely harmonies with JP Saxe. “If the old me/Met the new me/She’d probably/Try to stop me,” the duet hums delicately trying to shield what’s good to what’s wrong like a busy ‘Bubble.’

‘La Di Da’

This is one of our definite favs from Lennon Stella. One of the first tracks that let her out of her ‘Bubble.’ Why don’t you hold your ears to get rid of the fed-up comments? Just say ‘La Di Da’ and swipe the negativity away. Her blissful vocals rise up aside Nina Nesbitt and rising female pop stars and we love to see it blossoming and growing like a kid blowing ‘Bubbles’ in the park.


High on her stilts, Lennon Stella’s transforms her soul into a ‘Bubble’ in the amazing visuals for her new single. “Far away I can fly away/I climb into my bubble/It can’t be broken,” she states gently on the slow-paced ballad that stole our hearts. Her inspiring words help us to get through our difficulties, simply by pressing the play button. Stream Lennon Stella’s ‘Bubble’ masterpiece here!

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