Wave Break Assemble The Puzzle Pieces

Wave Break Assemble The Puzzle Pieces

Do you sometimes wonder how to deal with difficulties? How do you get rid of the bad vibes? It’s simple! Be creative and just as in Wave Break’s Puzzle Pieces, you have to re-center and find the right people to keep around you! Rock on and stand up for yourself!

Image Source: Holly Turner

Take A Breath And Think

Do you remember the Buffy The Vampire Slayer theme tune with the edgy guitars? You’ll be addicted to Wave Break’s Puzzle Pieces. “I had it all figured out / Knew my route without a doubt / But seasons changed and snow fell / Can’t wait here for it to melt,” the New Jersey rising artist blast on our stereos on ‘Stop The Car.’ Life is unpredictable and something can happen to make our plans change. Then, we are lost and need to take a pause. “You can try and try to break me down / You’ll only get there in your manic dreams,” Wave Break croons on the next Puzzle Pieces track, ‘Manic Dreams.’ Mercilessly, she fiercely punches at the toxic relationships that surrounded her life at that moment. She does it with such raw energy we can’t get enough of it!

Evanescence Who?

Miss the good old punk times? Was Avril Lavigne one of the artists who you felt close to back in the day? The Honey POP suggests Wave Break’s Puzzle Pieces with her rebel punk tones and cutting-edge guitar riffs. On ‘Hypocrite’ and ‘Tug Of War,’ we can feel all that rage. “You’re not entitled to all of my space / It’s not tug of war it’s not a game so keep your pace,” she sings loudly on the almighty banging drums. It’s okay to want our separate place, keeping our distances once in a while to reflect on our situations. On ‘Melatonin,’ we dive into a nostalgic era. It reminisces of Evanescence‘s 90s anthems with sliding high notes and air guitar aesthetic. Wave Break’s Puzzle Pieces is 30 minutes of fragile rock attitude and embracing dynamic melodies.

Do you have some ideas to rock out your life? Did your puzzle pieces fit together? Stream Puzzle Pieces here! Let us know what you think about Wave Break’s new EP on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Holly Turner

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